Bewitching Body Language To Motivate Your Salon Team

Bewitching body language to motivate your salon team

I stumbled across this TED Talk video at the weekend and immediately wanted to share it. I don’t often rave about videos but I do so rate this one.

Body language tips to get your salon team eating out of your hand

If you own a salon or spa the chances are you need to win people over, get them to like you, co-operate, follow you or say yes.

Sound about right?

In which case, spend 14 minutes watching this cracking training session from Allan Pease, known as “Mr Body Language”. What you’ll learn will make your salon team more biddable, your clients love you and even your Bank Manager want to say yes.

Let your hands do the talking

Allan is no smarmy sales guy. An Honorary Professor of Psychology at ULIM International University, he teaches simple, but crucial, body language skills in a fun way.

This talk focuses on the importance of how you use the palms of your hands – in team meetings, with clients and at home. Did you know there are more connections between your brain and the palm of your hands than any other body part? He starts with a handshake then focuses on how you can manipulate, inspire and irritate with just your hand movements. Try it in your next team training session.

Enough said. Take a look and see what I mean…