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Owning a hair or beauty salon is great fun and very rewarding but it can also be hard work and tough at times. I know. I spend most of my days in and out of salons helping owners and managers to market and grow their business.

This blog is here to support and inspire you with practical marketing and business advice specifically for salons and spas. Remember: you are not what has happened to you. You are what you choose to become.

– Alice Kirby, Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing

Father’s Day Marketing Ideas For Salons And Spas

Father’s Day marketing ideas for salons and spas

Is your business making the most of Father's Day? Our guide on how to market your salon, clinic or spa packed with practical ideas, tips and promotions.
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Rent A Chair Or Employees For Your Salon? Which Is Best?

Rent a chair or employees for your salon? Which is best?

Freelance rent-a-chair or employed staff? Which is the most profitable and risk free route for your hair salon. We weigh up the pros and cons.
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National Minimum Wage Increases In April 2017

National Minimum Wage increases in April 2017

Latest April 2017 UK National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage rate increases for salons. How they affect your hair or beauty business and what should you pay your apprentices.
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Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas For Salons And Spas

Mother’s Day marketing ideas for salons and spas

Looking for marketing ideas for Mother’s Day? Try these ideas for offers, online campaigns and salon social, and download my free Facebook Cheat Sheet.
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Is Apathy Ruining Your Salon Business?

Is apathy ruining your salon business?

Is apathy preventing your business from growing? Is complacency holding you back? Stop surviving, and start thriving. Here’s how…
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Marketing To Mature Hair & Beauty Clients Successfully

Marketing to mature hair & beauty clients successfully

Are you mishandling this highly profitable group of hair and beauty clients? Missing out on sales opportunities? The over 45s are marketing gold…
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9 St Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas For Beauty And Hair Salons

9 St Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for beauty and hair salons

Looking for Valentine's Day promotional tips for marketing your hair or beauty business? 9 practical ideas plus our free Valentine Facebook marketing toolkit.
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How To Write A Salon Marketing Plan That Works

How to write a salon marketing plan that works

Are you writing a marketing plan for your salon or aesthetics business? Creating a marketing plan will make a significant impact on your business’s profitability, ability to attract new clients and boost retention.
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New Year Salon Marketing Ideas For January & February

New Year salon marketing ideas for January & February

Is your hair or beauty business quiet in January? 7 marketing ideas to reduce downtime and get your clients spending in the new year.
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