#hairhour Twitter Chat For Hair Salons. Are You Missing Out?

#hairhour Twitter chat for hair salons. Are you missing out?

Have you discovered #hairhour yet on Twitter?

No? Well you’re missing a treat. It’s a fun hour every Wednesday evening brimming with useful hairdressing ideas, free business tips and the chance to chat to some hair industry icons. No strings attached.

It’s the brainchild of hairdresser Lee Brown who I interviewed recently. Read on to discover how #hairhour can help you whether you’re a salon owner, a stylist or thinking of starting your own hairdressing business.

How to join in #hairhour on Twitter

It’s every Wednesday on Twitter between 8pm and 9pm. To join just type #hairhour into your Twitter search bar at the top right of your screen and then launch into the conversation. You can also

If you’re new to Twitter try these easy tips for hairdressing salons and follow me on:


Meet #hairhour founder Lee Brown

What prompted you to start #hairhour?

I was thinking about it for a while but wasn’t sure how to get started. So one day I took the plunge and tweeted the idea out. To my delight Hairdressers Journal gave me their support.

The first night was a great success and from the end of that first #hairhour I knew it had to be a weekly slot. Hairdressers Journal has been fantastic in promoting and taking part each week. All their crew have been tremendous – Ruth, Matthew, Rachael and Hannah get involved and I couldn’t be more grateful for their continued support. Everyone really appreciates and respects their comments and it’s phenomenal to have one of the industry’s leading publications on side.

What are the benefits of #hairhour for hairdressers and salon owners?

It’s a great way to check out what other salon owners and managers are doing and get feedback. We frequently have new salon owners connecting with experienced owners for help and business advice. Plus we have many hair industry experts contributing including the NHF and Habia and their advice is invaluable.

If you’re a stylist #hairhour let’s you showcase your creative work and discover new ideas from others. It’s also a great educational tool for young stylists who want some guidance from some of the industry’s icons. Adam Reed and Errol Douglas have both done recent guest sessions on #hairhour, answering questions and giving tips to stylists.

Do you think Twitter is a good salon marketing tool for hairdressers?

Besides the free advertising, publicity and promoting of your hair salon there’s the community element as loyal clients can follow and interact with your salon business at a personal level.

It’s good for building your client base too as new clients often check out a salon’s Twitter account for reviews, comments and uploads of the salon’s work before  deciding to book.

I feel Twitter, along with the other main social networks, is a salon business ‘must have’ these days.

Tell us a little about your hairdressing career

As a school leaver hairdressing appealed as a very interesting, fashion-forward and fulfilling industry to be a part of. I still feel the same about it today – it’s a great craft and industry to be involved in and I love every day of it!

I currently work at Lara Johnson Lifestyle in Swansea South Wales. I met Dom Capel (UK Creative Director for Sebastian Professional, Session Stylist and one of the salon’s owners) when I won a Twitter competition to assist on a photo shoot for the Sebastian Professionals’ Potion 9 campaign.

After the shoot I was urged to enrol on the Sebastian Professional MOB Course. This led to an invitation to join Sebastian’s CULT Team where Dom was our Lead Stylist. Over the two years on the team I built a really good working relationship and great friendship with Dom and eventually relocated to Swansea from my hometown of Manchester to work alongside him, Lara and the team at Lara Johnson Lifestyle.

Do you run your salon Twitter account too?

Salon Manager Becky Rogers (@RebeccaRogers31) and I update and post from the Lara Johnson Lifestyle Twitter (@LaraJohnsonHair). It’s easier for two of us to share the work as we’re all so busy in the salon. We try to work together on the salon Twitter account as much as we can.

What do you love about Twitter from a hair salon viewpoint?

I love the simplicity of Twitter. You’re only allocated 140 characters so you must be short, sweet and understandable.

Compared to Facebook, Twitter is also less of a personal diary. This means you can interact with your clients on Twitter and still keep a nice distance between both your personal lives.

The hashtags and trending features are brilliant for creating or viewing tweets in a feed or just watching a trend you are interested in. Twitter is now getting more visual too and as hairdressers we love nothing more than feasting our eyes on each other’s handy work to inspire us and to appreciate the talent the hair scene has.

How much time each day do you spend on Twitter?

It totally depends upon how busy my day is. Some days I just don’t have time to check it, while on others I’ll be putting groundwork in for #hairhour so will spend a good few hours promoting and finding interesting things to share.


Thanks Lee for all your hard work on #hairhour and look forward to seeing this Wednesday evening at 8pm for an hour of hair industry chat, fun and ideas.

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