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Improve your salon branding on Facebook with this easy tip

Here’s a quick easy Facebook tip to make sure you create the right online impression for your hair or beauty salon.

Did you know you can edit the Featured Likes section on your salon Facebook?

Featured Likes is the section on the right hand side of your salon’s Facebook Business Page. It shows five profile pictures of other businesses that your hair or beauty salon has liked on Facebook. These profiles randomly rotate showing visitors to your salon Facebook Page which Pages you’ve liked.

Give your salon branding a quick spit and polish

Just because you’ve liked a Page doesn’t necessarily mean you want their profile picture staring out at your visitors when they visit your Business Page.

Unfortunately, Facebook’s default setting will generate a forever changing random selection taken from all your Facebook Likes. So if you happen to have liked a local competitor or a business that doesn’t complement your salon brand then Facebook will indiscriminately show your visitors these.

Unless you edit Featured Likes – and here’s how.

How to edit your salon’s Facebook Featured Likes

  • go to your Admin Panel
  • choose Edit Page (at the top of the admin panel, on the right)
  • then select Edit Settings from the drop down menu
  • now click More
  • then choose Featured
  • and finally click Edit Featured Likes

You can now select up to five (clicking Save once you’ve made your choice).

Improve your salon branding on Facebook with this easy tip screenshot

Improve your salon branding by staying in control of Facebook

Editing the Featured Likes list puts you in control of your salon brand. Not Facebook.

So which five Likes should you choose?

You could use the Featured Link edit to:

  • highlight a charity your salon supports regularly
  • focus on your main hair or beauty product brand
  • showcase a local business your salon partners with.

Just consider what a particular Like says about your salon brand to new visitors and also to the companies you work with. On our Facebook Business Page you’ll see we’ve edited the function to currently focus on hair and beauty industry media and influencers.

Nothing is written in stone

If you change your mind and there is a new Page you particularly want to highlight simply remove the tick from the check box beside that Page in the list. Then select the new profile to highlight and boost your salon brand.

And if you’re stuck for ideas on what to post on your Facebook for your salon then try these 25 client-friendly quotes.