Is Your Salon Business Using This Free Facebook Advertising Idea?

Is your salon business using this free Facebook advertising idea?

Are you missing a Facebook salon marketing trick? Facebook very recently relaxed the rules for the Cover Photo. And in doing so handed you a great salon marketing opportunity.

Quick aside: For Facebook novices your Cover Photo is the large image at the top of your salon Facebook page. And it’s the first thing your visitors see.

A powerful (free) Facebook advert for your salon

As you probably know, Facebook used to have a number of very restrictive rules about what you could and could not do with your Cover Photo. This made it almost impossible to use this eye-catching big image to market your salon and get more Likes for your hair or beauty business.

Thankfully, these rules were recently relaxed by Facebook. Obviously you need to stay within decency and fairness guidelines, but other than that the world’s your oyster!

My best marketing advice to salons is to treat it your Cover Photo as a big advert. One large salon promotion to everyone who pops in for a peek at your Page.

Here’s how using our own Cover Photo as an example:

Is your salon business using this free Facebook advertising idea? - See more at:

1. Keep it simple

Use a simple image/photo. Clean and bold works well for a magazine advert and works equally well here.

And you absolutely must make sure it looks professional. No fuzzy bad photos here please. Too many salon Facebook Pages look amateur. You wouldn’t have poor quality imagery and clashing graphics on your website or on an advert, so banish them on your Facebook.

2. Your Facebook should stay on brand

Stay on brand. We’ve used are our brand colours, font and general styling. You’ll find it matches our website. First impressions count. Just because it’s Facebook is no excuse to forget the brand and professional rulebook.

3. Think about your Facebook marketing message

Our marketing messages are clear and brief. Keep yours the same. We tell visitors:

Unless you’re good with a computer then get professional help with the design and the placing of text onto your chosen image. Getting a salon specialist to write and design your Cover Photo makes sense. You wouldn’t dream of doing your own advert for a glossy magazine so why compromise on Facebook in front of all those potential clients?

It is your brand. Protect it. Promote it. And above all look professional. People judge your salon on their first impressions. Get it right.

4. Promote your latest salon offers on your Cover Photo

Showcase your major salon or spa offers. Your Cover Photo is the ideal place for shouting about colour sales, pamper day packages or first visit discounts.

Remember to change it once the offer has expired finished.

5. Always include a Facebook call to action.

What do I mean by a call to action? It’s quite simple. Ask people to do something.

On our Cover Photo we’ve asked visitors to take a look at our free salon marketing and business blog (you’re reading it!).

We’ve used a red arrow to draw attention to it. I don’t normally promote my blog in my posts, but if you’ve found these ideas useful get our articles emailed to you each month and never miss an update.

#SalonMarketing Tip: Don’t forget to update your Facebook Cover Photo up regularly. Treat it like a free Facebook advert. Refresh your image to promote a new salon service product, promote a forthcoming event or even use it to introduce a new salon team member.

If you’ve got a great salon Cover Photos idea do share it – I’d love to hear from you.