Last Minute Salon Marketing Ideas For Black Friday

Last minute salon marketing ideas for Black Friday

Forgotten about Black Friday (27th November in case you wondered)?

Having started in America, this retail event has crossed the pond and become a salon marketing fixture in recent years.


What’s not to love about Black Friday marketing?

November can be an itty-bitty patchy month in salon. So, if your appointment book looks bare for the back-end of next week, try a spot of Black Friday salon marketing and give your November figures a valuable boost.

Here are 6 quick salon business ideas you can put in place, before next week, to take advantage of this growing retail trend.


[1] Shift redundant salon stock

We all have old stock, discontinued lines and one off electricals lurking in hidden corners of the salon.

Yes, we do. Go and have a look…

They clutter the place up, gather dust and tie up your cash. Declutter. Hold a one-day flash sale.

A 30 minute dash round your salon will yield a surprising haul. Pile high in a display basket for a one-day-only Black Friday bargain promotion. Very satisfying.

Remember to price each item individually showing both the RRP and your fab discount. It’s the one day of the year that discounts are expected and work like a charm. People are sniffing around looking for bargains galore so give them something to spend their money on.

What’s more, think of all that lovely space you’ve freed up and the boost to your cash flow.


[2] Black Friday on your salon social media

Advertise your discounted stock, especially electricals, on your salon social media. Stress this bargain bonanza is only for one day to encourage people to pop in.

Wondering how to structure your spa deals and discounts? Try this blog post for some helpful ideas and this post looks at how to make your spa deals look more tempting for no extra cost.

#SalonMarketing Tip: I recently read an interesting research about Black Friday advertising. Apparently, you’ll get best results advertising any sale or discounts in advance, rather than on the day, when it comes to Facebook. The Sunday before is the optimum date according to this study.


[3] Hold a hair and beauty gift card sale for Black Friday only

For Black Friday only offer a deal on gift cards.

A couple of ideas:

  • Give 25% extra for free on the 27th only, making them the ideal Christmas present.
  • Alternatively, offer a larger percentage, like 50%, extra for free. The trick? These Black Friday gift cards can only be used during the quieter months of January and February.

Of course, advertise this one-day Black Friday gift card sale well in advance on your social channels, in salon and on your website.

#SalonMarketing Tip: For more ideas to skyrocket gift card sales try this marketing article.


[4] Treat your salon or spa clients on Friday 27th November

Black Friday doesn’t just have to be about discounts, deals and sales.

Why not treat loyal clients who are in your spa or salon on Black Friday to a surprise complimentary gift?

It’s a great way to say thank you and show they are loved and appreciated. Just don’t forget to draw their attention to your discount basket and your low-cost goodies as they make their way to your door.

#SalonMarketing Tip: Always give added value treats (such as a free deep conditioning hair treatment or an upgrade to a luxury manicure) rather than a discount. A discount comes straight off your bottom line. Ouch.


[5] Run a salon contest on Black Friday

Adopting a similar approach, run a competition on your Facebook leading up to Black Friday, and over the weekend. The prize can be spa services to the value of £x which the winner must take in January/February when it’s likely you’ll be quiet.

Running a Black Friday contest gives you something to talk about on social, your e-mail newsletter and website now. And gives you more material come January when the winner pops in for their beauty treat.


[6] Last-minute offers for Black Friday

If you get to next Thursday and still haven’t taken advantage of this salon marketing opportunity, don’t despair. All is not lost.

The research I mentioned earlier showed that the best way to promote on the day is by e-mail or text.

Texts do cost you money so work out the costs carefully first. On the other hand, email marketing is an effective inexpensive way to reach the whole of your spa database to shout about your last minute bargains and treats.

Always check which offers your clients loved best. For ideas on measuring your marketing activities and discovering what works for your business read this blog post.


And one last Black Friday salon marketing idea…

Steal a march on your local competition. Start your Black Friday offers on Thursday afternoon. Say 5.00pm.

It works a treat if you’re open late on Thursday evenings.

Try it.