Make Pink October A Fundraising Salon Marketing Triumph

Make Pink October a fundraising salon marketing triumph

What is your salon, clinic or spa doing for Breast Cancer Awareness this October? Umm… nothing?

Don’t worry. There’s still time to paint the town pink, raise valuable funds and market your hair or beauty business.

In this blog post I show you how to plan, arrange and promote your Pink October salon event and make it a brilliant success.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a worldwide annual campaign involving thousands of organisations, to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education and research.


Planning your Pink October salon or clinic event

Fundraising during Pink October is a win-win activity. You raise your business profile locally and market your salon or clinic, and a breast cancer charity receives a much-needed donation.


1. A good pink fit

Decide what type of event is best for you, your team and your hair or beauty business.

It is pointless arranging a charity parachute jump or joining a local run if your team aren’t the sporty sort.

Think about the type of event carefully and ideally choose something to spark the local media and community’s imagination.


2. Motivate your team to be charitable

Getting your salon team on-board and inspired about an event can seem hard work at times. You’re bubbling with pink excitement whilst your team view it as a yet another chore.

Involving them from the start, listening to their ideas and including them in the decision-making will get them fired up. At the meeting settle on a team leader and agree who is responsible for which tasks.


3. Timing is important when you’re in business

Think about timing. Are you having ongoing activity throughout Pink October or focusing your energy on one big event?

Breast Cancer Care is holding their “Big Pink” day on 14 October 2016 and it may suit your hair or beauty salon to link in with this.

Think about which day of the week is best for your business? While a Friday or Saturday event ensures there are plenty of clients in your salon to donate, it’s also your busiest period and might not be the best time to throw in a major marketing distraction.


Help paint a brighter future with Nail Breast Cancer

During October this campaign is asking you to add £1 to your client’s nail or beauty treatment to be donated to Future Dreams, a breast cancer charity supported by BCA, Bio Sculpture Gel, The Guild of Beauty Therapists, Olympia Beauty, Salon Systems and Scratch Magazine to name but a few.

Register your interest in helping the cause at


4. Link up with Pink business partners

Decide now whether you’re going to partner with other local business and get in touch to sound them out. Ideally link up with partners who target a similar audience to your salon or spa. I look at how to partner successfully in this blog post.


5. Pink October fundraising ideas

The breast cancer charity websites are packed with ideas for Pink October events and fundraising. You’ll also find templates, tips and useful marketing materials so take a look early on and make life easier for yourself. I’ve listed links to the main ones below in my Little Pink Book.

Pink October fundraising ideas


6. Planning ensures success

Put an afternoon aside to plan your salon marketing activities for Breast Cancer Awareness month (download my free e-guide here for step-by-step advice on creating a hair or beauty business marketing plan):

  • Decide on a salon hashtag for your #pink event. Then use it everywhere to raise brand awareness.
  • Set up a pink selfies station or sofa in your salon. Don’t forget to pop a breast cancer collection tin near it (as a gentle nudge) and also ask clients to post their #pinksalonselfies on their own social channels too. Let’s spread the word.
  • Prepare a media list of all the local and regional publications, community websites, local radio and TV who may be interested in your event.
  • Draft a pre-event press release. Want to learn how to write one? My blog post here tells you how in simple steps.
  • Plan posters and leaflets for both your salon and for any partner businesses. Of course.
  • Write a news page or blog for your salon or spa website. You’ll be linking to this from your social media, press release and email marketing so ensure it’s eye-catching. (Try my post on “How to write a brilliant blog” for tips on writing a salon blog).
  • Ask your hair and beauty suppliers to donate prizes if you’re running a raffle alongside the other fundraising activities. Are there any local companies or even clients you could approach too?
  • Get ahead of the game and schedule social media posts for the weeks leading up to your Pink October event.
  • If you’re going to town with your Pink event then it’s worth investing in a professional photographer or a videographer. Book them in now.


Don’t have the time to run a big pink event?

No matter. How about these quick and easy marketing ideas – perfect any for hair or beauty business to run throughout October?

  • Give your salon drinks menu a pink theme with fruit teas, red berry smoothies and mouth-watering mocktails.
  • Play pin the pink bra in your salon or clinic. Let your team get involved and have fun decorating bras and then ask clients for a small donation to play pin the bra (like pin the tail on the donkey). Why not ask them to vote for their favourite bra too.
  • Serve pink themed cupcakes and pretty iced biscuits with clients’ coffee. Most clients are delighted to make a donation to breast cancer charities.
  • Paint the salon pink with festive decorations in your windows, treatment rooms and styling stations. Get your team dressing the part too.
  • Call your hair & beauty suppliers and local businesses for prizes for a salon raffle.
  • Pop a basket of breast cancer wristbands and pink ribbon badges on reception for your clients to purchase. You can buy them from many of the breast cancer charities listed in my Little Pink Book Donate the proceeds to the cancer charity you purchased them from.


The lead up to your Pink October salon event


7. Promote your salon event locally

Ask any local business partners to promote your event on their website, social media and email marketing. Check they have posters and leaflets displayed in their premises.


8. A big pink salon splash

Are you making a big pink splash in your salon? Remind the team to hand out leaflets all through October and talk to their clients about what you’re doing. Ask hair and beauty clients to share, retweet and post to help spread the breast cancer message and your fundraising.

A big pink salon splash


9. An easy salon marketing tip

Change your answer phone message to promote your event.


10. And another…

Use your salon software to add a promotional message to your till receipts. Remember to include your #pink hashtag.


11. Keep the press in the loop

Send out your pre-event press release now.


12. Salon Social goes #pink

Your Pink October marketing and fundraising is just made for social. Post behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your team’s preparations, raffle prizes and any salon activity across all your social media platforms. Include your salon event #hashtag.

And don’t forget those #pinksalonselfies I mentioned earlier.


13. Salon Facebook advertising

Advertise on social media. Target your audience carefully and remember to include a strong call to action driving traffic to your Pink October website page.


14. Promote your salon campaign with a contest

Run an online competition in the weeks around your breast cancer fundraising event to drum up interest, raise your brand profile and collect email addresses. Your email database is one of the most valuable salon marketing assets you have.


15. Share stories online

Publish a news story on your website about why your salon is getting involved in Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Ask the team to say why they are so passionate about getting spreading the message.

Do you have any clients who are recovering from breast cancer who would be happy to share their story and help others?


16. A special pink edition

Broadcast a special Pink October salon e-newsletter. It doesn’t have to be all about you and the salon. Include some useful information – this brilliant infographic from Breast Cancer Care shows how to detect breast cancer early.

Want to use it? You can download it here and use it on your online marketing.

Breast cancer care signs


17. Event countdown on salon social

Do a 5 day countdown on your social media and website. Get your team involved and post a different photo for each day of the countdown.


On the day of your salon event


18. Snaps for social

Ensure you don’t miss that “special photo” by asking two people to be responsible for capturing the fun.


19. Event coverage on salon social

Post throughout your pink event on your salon social media. And make a big effort to active engage with your clients, partners and local community on the day.

Why not share important facts and stats with your followers:

  • Every year nearly 60,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK, that’s the equivalent of one person every 10 minutes.
  • 1 in 8 womenin the UK will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.
  • 85% of people survive breast cancer beyond 5 years.
  • Nearly 12,000 people die from breast cancer in the UK every year.
  • Around 340 men are diagnosed each year with breast cancer.
  • Over 80% of breast cancers occur in women aged over 50.

For care, support and information, call Breast Cancer Care for free on 0808 800 600.


20. Press photos

Take good quality photos for your post-event press release. Even if the press have said they will attend still take some high resolution images yourself to be on the safe side.

The quick snaps and #pinkselfies you take for social media are unlikely to be high resolution and suitable for the press. So it’s worth taking extra care to take some posed shots. If you’re hosting a big event then I’d get a professional photographer in for some key shots.


And after your Pink October salon event…


21. Be quick off the mark with your press release

Send out your post-event press release as soon as possible. That evening if possible, but certainly the next day. The press aren’t interested in stale news. Write it pre-event. Add images and figures post-event. Then just press ‘SEND’.


22. Marketing mileage for your business

Don’t miss out on squeezing more marketing mileage out of your October fundraising.

Drip feed out updates on money raised, winners of competitions and more of the #pinksalon selfies across all your salon marketing channels.

Marketing mileage for your business


23. Give November a boost

November is often a quiet month before the festive frenzy starts. Use your Pink event as the basis for a client e-newsletter. But don’t just include fundraising news, add in November promotions to drum up business this month and advertise any New Year marketing offers to encourage clients to get booking now for January.

If you want to improve your salon e-news open and click rates then try these tips.


24. There’s always next October…

Keep copies of everything as you may want to rinse and repeat your Pink October salon marketing next year.


25. Measure success

Success isn’t just about how much you raised for breast cancer – although that is hugely important.

There was also a business element to your fundraising, so measure how successful your marketing campaign was. You’ll find some practical ideas on evaluating and monitoring your business growth and marketing success in this blog post.


And finally…

Remember to thank your clients, team and partners and send off your pink donation.


Little Pink Book: useful breast cancer charity resources

Visit these websites to learn how the money you raise helps beat breast cancer and supports those affected by it. You also find loads of fun fundraising ideas for your salon or aesthetic clinic.

Breast Cancer Care

Wear It Pink

Breast Cancer Now

Breast Cancer Research UK

Against Breast Cancer

Buy wristbands and pink ribbon badges here

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