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How to make Facebook work harder for your salon

Very many hair and beauty salons are on Facebook these days – it’s a crowded marketplace. So, here are a few tips to make your salon Facebook more eye-catching and impactful to increase traffic.

Highly respected Paul Mitchell Platform Artist Pep Pasqualino and his team at Image International have a busy vibrant Facebook page which we run jointly with them. You can find some useful salon marketing ideas on Image International’s Facebook page.

Build your salon brand

Make sure you make full use of the ‘Cover’ to market your salon. This is the large image which appears at the top of your Facebook page.

5 easy Cover tips:

  • Ideally your chosen image should reflect your salon website and reinforce your brand. In Image International’s case we used the same imagery as we used on their salon website.
  • If you are using a product manufacturer’s image here then just check it’s a current one, within copyright and they’re happy for you to use it.
  • The size of the Facebook Timeline Cover image is 850px x 315px. If you upload a smaller or larger image it will stretch/shrink to fit this size. Always use a larger image and shrink it, as a smaller one will stretch so the Cover appears grainy and poor quality.
  • To make your Cover more personal why not take a fun salon team photo or a great shot of your salon, inside or out. Image libraries, such as iStock are also an inexpensive option for an eye-catching photo. A picture paints a thousand words: a cliché, but a true one nevertheless.
  • Always include your salon logo; it’s good salon marketing. There’s now an easy area for this called the “profile image” at the bottom left of the Cover. Your salon logo has to be a minimum of 125px either high or wide. You can scale, crop and reposition when uploading.

Keep within the Facebook rules

This is important if you don’t want to find your Facebook page has been suddenly taken down by the powers that be. The Facebook Terms of Use make it clear you must not use the Cover to promote or advertise your salon, or for a call-to-action. That’s why the old ‘fan-gate’ pages with ‘Like us’ with a large arrow pointing down have now disappeared.

Facebook outlawed all this brand advertising when they changed to the new Timeline in March 2012 and tend to come down hard on offenders. So be careful. This does make it more difficult to market your salon but there are legitimate ways around this. If you’re interested in increasing your salon ‘Likes’ check out my earlier blog for some interesting ideas.

Salon marketing highlights

There are two new really useful Facebook features which are ideal for salon marketing.

  • First is the ability to ‘highlight’ posts. In simple terms a highlighted post makes the particular post twice the size of a standard one.  To ‘highlight’ a post, simply click on the star icon at the top right-hand corner of the post and it’s suddenly wow! Purely text-based posts don’t look very inspiring so use strong imagery for impact if you’re using the highlight feature and don’t over-use it.
  • You can also ‘pin’ a post. This forces it to the top of your salon Timeline where it will stay for 7 days and then return to back into chronological order. Again, think about making any pinned posts visually attractive and attention-grabbing. Note, you can’t ‘pin’ and ‘highlight’ the same post.

Start as you mean to go on

Many salons still have a personal page – a Profile.  The problem with this is that you have to become a “friend” of your salon to view the page. This does put people off and it’s now against Facebook’s Terms of Use to use a Profile for a business. The answer is to set up a Page for your salon – visitors now automatically see your Page without having to do lift a finger.

If you have a lot of friends on your existing personal Profile and don’t want to lose them then consider migrating them to a Facebook Page. Call +44 (0)1386 751469 or email if you’d like some help with this or indeed any other salon social media queries.