Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas For Salons And Spas

Mother’s Day marketing ideas for salons and spas

I know. We’ve only just “done” Valentine’s and Mother’s Day is looming large on the horizon.

Sunday 6th March 2016 to be precise. (Sunday May 8th in the USA.)

Mother’s Day is a massive salon marketing bonanza for spas and salons.

Being a mum is incredibly hard-work and some ultra-spoiling is the least she deserves. Which makes for a cracking marketing event for your business.

Read on for oodles of Mother’s Day promotion ideas for your hair and beauty business…

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1. Children-friendly salon marketing ideas for Mother’s Day

Dads will be shopping with their kids. There’s a fair chance it’ll be last minute too. So look for ways to inspire them and make it easy for them to buy. Try these marketing ideas:

[1] Post a mouth-watering list of your Mother’s Day gift ideas and offers on your website, e-news, around your salon and on your social media. Anywhere that dads will see it. It makes it easy for mum to drop a heavy hint too.

[2] Gift cards and hair or beauty packages can seem a boring pressie to give your special mummy if you’re only 7 years old. Make them more appealing to little ones by adding a tangible gift that can be wrapped and given with the gift card. A pretty basket filled with tailored beauty goodies hits the spot.

[3] Free gift-wrapping is always popular for time-pressed dads with kids. Keep some Mother’s Day gift tags in your salon too, so they walk out with the job done and dusted.

[4] Hosting a fun event for dads and kids works well, but I appreciate isn’t everyone’s idea of easy spa marketing. Perhaps team with a local photographer and have them take family snaps at your event. Sounds like the perfect thoughtful gift for mummy, especially when combined with a spa pampering package.


2. Put some bounce into your Mother’s Day salon marketing

“Bounce back” salon marketing promotions do what they say on the tin.

They offer an incentive to encourage the client back to your hair or beauty salon, fill the quieter times, encourage repeat business and reward loyalty.

Here are a few bounce-back marketing ideas you could run:

x% off your colour service in April

50% extra free: Book a 60 minute massage and get 30 minutes extra free until 30 April

Complimentary paint and shape when you book a spa pedicure in April

Or tie it into Father’s Day

Add these bounce-back offers to your Mother’s Day gift packages to tempt people back in April. As you’re discounting, always target your quiet team members and earlier days of the week with your offers.


3. Five ways to market your salon online this Mother’s Day

If you want your Mother’s Day offers, promotions and packages to fly out the door you need to push them online:

[1] Your salon website: Devote a page on your website to Mother’s Day, link back to it in your e-newsletter and talk about your gift ideas on social media.

[2] Salon social: Avoid being too salesy on your social media. Instead include plenty of ‘What’s in it for me’ tips, trivia and information. Adopt the 80:20 rule. 80% tips, fun and social and just 20% of sales messages.

[3] Giveaways: Get your suppliers on-board and offer some juicy giveaway Mother’s Day hair or beauty goodies to increase engagement. Here’s a useful trick for social media chit-chat you can use.

[4] Facebook contest: Run a Mum and Daughter make-over contest on Facebook or your website in return for capturing email addresses.

[5] Fun on salon social: To keep it light-hearted and more engaging try a walk down memory lane on Facebook:

  • Share photos of retro hair-do’s you love
  • Ask followers for their first memories of their mum or why she inspires them
  • Create a hashtag for classic TV mums


4. A bigger salon marketing splash for Mother’s Day

Every salon in town will be jumping on the Mother’s Day band-wagon so you need to offer something more bespoke and personal. The sort of pressie that oozes thoughtfulness, rather than one that hints at a last minute dash for garage forecourt flowers.

Here’s a quick and easy way to up your gift game. And your marketing.

Mother’s Day is the perfect cross-marketing opportunity. Team up with like-minded local businesses to create bespoke packages, promotions and offers that shout, “You’re the best Mum in the world.”

Just to be clear: these extras are not freebie giveaways. They are fully charged for. It just makes for a much more special gift for mum.

To get your creative marketing juices flowing how about…

  • A £xx spa gift card delivered with a bouquet of spring flowers to your mum for just £x.
  • A facial treatment voucher slipped in with a box of scummy hand-made chocolates for a yummy mummy.
  • A mother and daughter pampering day at your spa, followed by a decadent afternoon tea at a swanky hotel.
  • A dozen red roses plus a spa gift card for £x plus an extra 25% free. To learn more about the power of “extra free” take a peek at this blog post.


5. Mother’s Day salon promotions made easy

And of course it works the other way round.


Your new best-friend, the florist, can offer ‘a roses and facial package’ to her customers. Think about all those people ordering bunches of flowers for Mother’s Day who have never heard of your salon or spa.

Until today.

You’ve heard me say it before, but just make sure it’s win-win for both businesses. Agree beforehand “how, where and to whom” each business is going to market the promotional packages.

You could agree to both…

  • Post the Mother’s Day offer on Facebook
  • Pin it, tweet it or put it on Instagram
  • Promote it in your e-newsletter
  • Pop it on your website
  • Push it in your salon/shop


6. Salon marketing ideas for men on Mother’s Day

As a spa, salon or aesthetics clinic I’m guessing the majority of your clients are women.

Women, of course, do buy Mother’s Day presents, but you need to get your services, offers and gift ideas in front of men too.

The #SalonMarketing trick…

Partner with a local business with a predominantly male client base to open your promotions to a fresh target audience. You can always return the favour come Father’s Day.

Gyms, men’s clothes boutiques, restaurants and sports clubs are all promising candidates for this type of salon marketing.


7. Measure your salon success

As always, monitor and measure what worked for Mother’s Day. And what didn’t. You’ll find some helpful ideas in this blog post on measuring success and how to #GrowYourSalon.


Happy Mother’s Day to all those mums who run a salon..

If you’re reading this blog and you’re a mum and a salon owner, I hope you get to put your feet up on Mother’s Day and enjoy some ultra-spoiling…