Salons Miss Out On Billions By Neglecting Marketing

Salons “miss out on billions” by neglecting marketing

Creative Head magazine recently interviewed our MD, Alice Kirby, for her views on the importance of salon marketing to profitability. Here’s the article which appeared in Creative Head May 2013 issue.

Salons “miss out on billions” by neglecting marketing

Hair salons are among the small businesses that are collectively losing £122 billion in sales due to a lack of marketing.

Recent research carried out by communications technologies provider Pitney Bowes and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) revealed that although almost 9 out of 10 small businesses say that marketing has a positive impact on sales, it is falling off the to-do list, with the average small business only achieving 39% of its planned marketing activity, blaming lack of time (21%) and money (36%).

Many salon owners struggle to find time to add marketing to their heavy workload. Yet marketing is so key to survival and growth that it’s not so much a question of finding time, as making time.
– Alice Kirby, Director, Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing

According to the survey, salons need to look for ways to embrace every sales opportunity, and implementing digital marketing is one way of doing this. Emma Allison from Voodou salon in Liverpool, Most Wanted BEST ONLINE SALON 2012, said: “Digital marketing has been amazing for us. A huge percentage of our clients have checked out our website to get themselves an offer or book an appointment, or they follow us on Facebook and Twitter.” Voodou’s website now gets about 3,000 unique visitors a month and its Facebook page has 17,000 fans.

However, although Alice Kirby warned that social media takes time and time cost money, she explained that a website is still the best marketing tool for attracting clients, as they would tend to use Google to search for off salon and not Facebook. Networking with local businesses is another way to build client relationships and share marketing costs, while email marketing can help improve retention. She added:

Creating a marketing plan and implementing it is hard, but I’d expect to see steady incremental growth in profit of any salon that makes a regular commitment to marketing. Salons can look forward to increased new client numbers, better retention rates and a higher average spend per person.