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**Updated 2019**

Is December busy in your hair or beauty business?

Silly question.

It’s not busy. It’s  manic. And I’m guessing you’re going to be too frantic to find time for marketing.

Yet Christmas is a spectacular Facebook marketing opportunity with everyone hunting for gift ideas, party-style inspiration and last-minute salon bookings. Business opportunities your salon, spa or clinic can’t afford to ignore.

Social use skyrockets around Christmas as people share the fun with family and friends. It’s the perfect time to raise your brand profile, shift retail and get seen by a new local audience.

But you don’t have to miss out – no matter how busy you are.

In this blog I look at how to:

  • Set your Christmas Facebook goals
  • Create a festive marketing plan
  • Schedule posts weeks ahead
  • Find sparkling post ideas
  • See what works best for your followers
  • Make your Cover Photo seasonal
  • Agree who does what in December
  • Increase January bookings
  • Develop salon social #hashtags
  • Know when to be on Facebook
  • Deal with comments (and complaints)
  • Measure your Facebook results

Don’t miss out on profitable business:


Preparation: the key to social media success at Christmas

I can’t say this often or loudly enough:

Get your marketing prep work done early before you get rushed off your feet otherwise it’s unlikely to happen.

80% or more of your Christmas social media marketing can be created and scheduled weeks ahead.


1. Set  your Facebook business goals

It’s too easy to waste hours (and hours) on Facebook and not make any significant difference to your business.

So decide your social media goals for December now. And don’t forget to make them specific and measurable (SMART goals).

Here are a few of the ones I use with my clients:

  • Increase engagement (by how much?)
  • Boost retail sales (by how many £s?)
  • Sell more Gift Cards (set a monetary target)
  • Get bookings for January (what number are you aiming for?)
  • Boost your Business Page Likes (from X to Y)
  • Build your database this December (increase to xx by 31 December)

2. Write your holiday social marketing plan

Now plan your posts to reflect these goals, and decide what Facebook advertising you need to invest in to achieve them.

Don’t be put off by the word ‘plan’. Keep it simple; just use the ideas in this blog to sketch out December’s Facebook posts.

It’s not the plan that’s important, it’s the planning.
– Dr. Gramme Edwards


3. Understand what your salon Facebook audience love

Don’t rely on luck or guess work. Check what social content worked best for your hair or beauty business in the past.

And especially last Christmas.

Your Facebook Insights will reveal the previous posts that gathered the most engagement.



4. Step into Christmas with your Cover Photo

You dress your salon or spa for Christmas. So don’t forget to dress your Facebook too.

Charlotte Tilbury pushes gift ideas with this easy to copy Facebook cover photo.

For a quick inexpensive option, snap an evocative photo of your salon, clinic or spa decked out in its seasonal finery.

Looking for more ideas on getting the most out of your salon premises at Christmas? Try this blog.


5. Agree who is monitoring December social

It’s going to be full-on this December so decide now who in your salon is responsible for monitoring Facebook and, crucially, responding.

Bit obvious I hear you say. But agreeing this now greatly reduces the chances of a major customer service blunder over this hectic period.

An online social whinge can soon escalate into public unpleasantness if left to fester. And that’s the very last thing you need.

Your shortcut to salon social that works

No time to grow your business on social? Feeling overwhelmed? Staring at a blank screen wondering what to post? I get it. Creating social every day can be daunting.

What if each month you could get an in-depth daily social plan with template captions to copy and paste, ready-to-go graphics, step-by-step videos and much more? ‘Done with you’ tools to attract new clients and boost profit – transforming you into your own best marketer.

See how you can save hours, up your social game and grow your biz…

Discover the Salon Social Club


Get ahead of the game…


6. Schedule Facebook posts weeks ahead

Aim to create and schedule at least 80% of your December salon social in October and November.

Take advantage of Facebook’s forward schedule function, and your posts will go live whilst you’re busy running your hair or beauty business.

Or eating your turkey.


7. Capture the magic of Christmas in salon

Planning and scheduling your social media is critical to success, but do leave space to capture the spontaneity and fun of the holiday season.

Plan a 10 minute slot each day (or every other day) to take advantage of those last-minute Facebook marketing opportunities that crop up in salon. This way you won’t miss out on showcasing that gorgeous Yuletide bride, stunning hair colour or a merry set of festive nails on social.


Sparkling ideas for festive Facebook posts

Keep your Facebook interesting and your audience more engaged by mixing your posts. Add some pop, fizz and sparkle with these Christmas post ideas…


8. Advent calendar posts

Imagery increases engagement and count downs are always fun.

Combine the two with your own salon advent calendar on Facebook. The 12 Days of Christmas lend themselves beautifully to hair and beauty tips and tricks.


9. Promote your Christmas opening hours

Don’t forget to schedule social posts in promoting your longer December opening hours.

Start these Christmas opening posts in October, and use FOMO (fear of missing out) to encourage followers to book early as we did for our client Sara Shoemark founder of the 3 multi award winning GLOW beauty salons.

And here’s a step-by-step on how to update your Google My Business salon holiday opening hours so all marketing bases are covered?

10. Shift last-minute or cancelled hair & beauty appointments

Get those irritating late cancellations rebooked in minutes. It’s just a case of remembering to post them on Facebook when you’re dashing around.

Pop a salon system in place to catch them and don’t miss out on this seasonal profit. You can’t beat systems for making your business run smoothly. And profitably.

A salon system isn’t just for Christmas… more ideas on setting up procedures, processes and systems that work.


11. ‘Tis the season of goodwill

Share local charity news and help spread the word in your community – it’s the season of goodwill after all.


12. Get snapping

Put time aside now to take photos and forward schedule for busy December days when you won’t have time.

Some ideas:

  • Before and after client photos are always popular on Facebook and always attract comments and shares.
  • Behind the scenes shots of the team decorating your salon, clinic or spa.
  • Clients enjoying festive cocktails, cakes and chocolates whilst being pampered.
  • The team in their Christmastide jumpers.
  • Seasonal events in salon.

Don’t forget to always get clients’ permission, and tell them you’d like to use it on Facebook.

I love this photo from Rockcliffe Hall Spa of Santa scheduled for Christmas Eve. It’s fun, promotes the brand and importantly could easily be staged weeks in advance.


13. Showcase beauty and hair gift ideas on Facebook

Promote your retail packs, candles and other seasonal goodies with photos taken in salon for that personal touch. Always include prices, an image and sizes.

Act fast or miss out: 

A Facebook poll revealed 48% of women and 33% of men start their Christmas shopping in November. And many of them are turning to Facebook to discuss gift ideas with friends and family. Christmas shopping chatter on Facebook is driven by women, who make up 78% of the audience, with the majority of them 18-34 years old.

And don’t forget to promote your Gift Cards on your social media. A link post to your website gift voucher page ticks all the Facebook salon marketing boxes.

I run through my top promotional ideas for selling Gift Cards in this blog post.


14. Step-by-step Christmas hair and beauty guides

These go down a treat. Red carpet party glamour is always a winner with hair and makeup trends and tips.

If you haven’t time to produce your own then many of the hair and beauty product manufacturers have ‘How to’ videos at this time of year which you can link to direct from Facebook.

Better still, create a website page with the video on it, do a link post on Facebook and drive traffic to your website.

This brilliant video from Blue Tit salons isn’t for Christmas but I love its simplicity and it’s so easy for clients to watch and learn the technique. Again, it lends itself to being done well ahead of December  – just add a glitzy festive backdrop.


15. Season’s Greetings on Facebook

Build your brand profile and make friends in your community by using seasonal news snippets from local businesses on your Facebook.

Hopefully, they’ll return the compliment and talk about your hair and beauty business on their social media too.


16. Create a salon social buzz

A seasonal contest or giveaway is a nice touch and a great way to build brand awareness locally. Again, the photos can all be taken and the posts written while the autumn leaves are still falling.

PRO TIP: Make sure your Ts and Cs say the prizes must be collected in person from your salon, spa or clinic in January. This way, only locals are likely to enter.

If you’re running a Christmas event in salon then make a big splash with plenty of regular organic (unpaid) posts supported by paid Facebook and Instagram advertising. Videos get some of the best engagement on social and stand out in followers’ feeds. This one we created for GLOW Beauty salons is simple yet festive and eye-catching.



17. Salon selfie Christmas

Our obsession with the salon selfie continues, so harness it and host Christmas themed selfies on a sofa near you.

Or pop an empty picture frame on your spa wall, decorate with a festive twist and let clients snap the perfect Christmas selfie to post on their Facebook – it’s a marketing wrap.


 18. Hat tip to your team

They are going to be working their socks off in December so why not prepare and schedule some posts showcasing their work, thanking them and help fill their columns come January?


19. Increase January salon bookings using Facebook

Post your New Year hair and beauty offers throughout November and December on Facebook to pep up a patchy January or February. It’s too late to wait start advertising them in January.

These posts are ideal for forward scheduling and will ping out whilst you are busy with Christmas clients.

Want to give January a kick-start? Here are my top actionable ideas for promoting your salon, clinic or spa for New Year.


New Year, new opportunities for beauty and aesthetic businesses:

*Facebook 2015


20. Merry Christmas Everybody

Show you care by scheduling a salon Facebook greeting for Christmas morning to all your fans, and again for 1st January.

This post from Rockcliffe Hall Spa works well with its warm friendly feel of teddy snuggling amongst the Christmas decorations sporting his festive jumper. The best thing for me is that the photo is easily staged and taken weeks before the 25th ensuring you’re ahead of the game.


All I want for Christmas is you… to engage on Facebook


21. Don’t ignore your followers

December may be manic, but replying to social media comments promptly is a marketing-must. Decide who is monitoring social, when and how often.

Ideally reply to every post comment. But if you’re struggling for time at least ‘like’ comments to show them you’ve read them and appreciate them.


22. Salon social #hashtags

Boost engagement by using consistent #hashtags throughout your December social media campaigns. But don’t overdo it as people just switch off – Facebook is very different to Instagram when it comes to hashtags.

Try these:

  • #ChristmasCountDown
  • #ChristmasPresents
  • #ChristmasGifts
  • #ChristmasShopping
  • #Wishlist
  • #ChristmasTree
  • #Christmas2019
  • #Xmas
  • #SeasonsGreetings
  • #TisTheSeason
  • #ChristmasMagic
  • #ChristmasParty
  • #ChristmasBeauty
  • #ChristmasHair


23. Baby it’s cold outside … (so let’s go on Facebook)

People will be spending more time at home over the holiday itself so you you could post more frequently and at different times.

Check your Facebook Insights to see when your followers are online, then schedule your posts for that time to get more shares, likes and comments.

Thursday and Friday are generally popular days but always check your Business Page Insights to know exactly when your audience is on Facebook.


24. WOW salon customer service

A manic December isn’t a reason to let customer care slip.

Ensure someone is responsible for checking social alerts throughout the day. If a client is asking, via Facebook, to change an appointment it’s too late dealing with it the next day. Set a salon system to look out for eleventh hour appointment queries and stick to it.

Deal with any complaints via social media immediately too. You’ll find some practical tips on this here.


What worked for your salon Facebook this Christmas?


25. Measure your results

Before shutting the salon door on Christmas Eve, pop a note on your calendar for January to check your Facebook Insights and measure what worked.

Then rinse and repeat next year…

Christmas e-guide for hair and beauty businessLooking for more festive Looking for ideas for your salon, spa or clinic? Download my free 40 page guide to marketing your beauty, aesthetic or hair business at Christmas…



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