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To blog or not to blog. That is the salon marketing question.

And it’s an easy one to answer.

An unequivocal – yes. Blogging is a salon marketing no-brainer if you want to keep your loyal clients, find new ones and keep your profits on an upward spiral.

Here are 5 ways your hair or beauty business benefits from a salon blog:

1. Google loves a top-notch blog

A regular salon blog packed with well written tips and useful information will drive more traffic to your website.

How come? Because Google places huge importance on regular high quality content when it comes to ranking your hair or beauty website.

Give Google what it wants and it’ll reward you by ranking your site higher. And the higher you rank the more traffic your website gets.

More online traffic means more new clients in salon. It’s as simple as that.

2. Salon clients love them too

Happily both your clients and Google crave the same thing. Well written, informative and engaging content.

Your expert blog posts brimming with hair and beauty tips, tricks and trends will establish your salon’s experience and expertise with readers. Engender trust. And in the beauty and hair game trust is priceless.

3. Brilliant blogs attract new clients

Every salon business owner loves new clients. They are the life blood of any salon, no matter how super-successful you are.

A salon blog is the perfect tool to reach out to competitors’ clients and persuade them to visit your website and social media. Once you’ve got them there it’s just a short step to making that first appointment. With you.

4. Work your hair and beauty blog hard

Get more bang for your marketing buck.

A blog post isn’t just something for your hair or beauty website. It’s unique content to use on your social media and your email marketing.

Lots of lovely shareable content that is yours, and yours alone, to use. Get those links out there. Quick.

5. A salon blog builds a strong brand

Blogging let’s you add that all-important personal touch to your marketing. It says ‘we’re friendly’. It reduces barriers. It says ‘go on try us, we’d love to meet you’.


Add blogging to your salon marketing toolkit

These are five powerful reasons for you, as a hair or beauty entrepreneur, to consider adding blogging to your marketing toolkit.

But wait a minute. Blogging is tough. I know, I blog and it takes considerable time, effort and commitment to turn out useful (free) marketing ideas week in and week out.

Besides time and commitment a good blogger needs strong writing skills, perseverance and more than a passing knowledge of salon search engine optimisation (SEO).

Need help? Find more information here about our salon blogging expertise and content marketing services or get in touch.

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