A free salon marketing research tool (that really works)

“Almost 70% of customers leave because of poor service”. Ouch!

And what’s so frustrating is that it’s so easily put right. You just need to know where your salon experience is going awry.

Finding out exactly what your clients want (then giving it to them) is the best way to improve your salon experience and differentiate you from the local competition.


Why customer research is still important today

With clients able to review your salon or spa online 24/7 you may feel you don’t need to get any more client feedback.

The problem with online reviews is that they tend towards one extreme or the other. Your client is either whooping with joy over their gorgeous haircut or having a right old moan about something and swearing never to darken your door again.

So some objective good old-fashioned in-salon marketing research is more valuable than ever.


In-salon customer research is your first step to understanding:

  • what your clients really want from their visit
  • what they love about your salon, your team and your services
  • why they sometimes leave never to return

Yet for many hair and beauty businesses research comes low on the list of salon marketing priorities. Both marketing time and budget get spent elsewhere.


Salon marketing research that doesn’t cost a dime

A simple, cheap and very effective piece of marketing research you can do yourself is to observe your clients in the salon. And I mean observe. Not merely watch.

Without your team knowing, pick a client as they come through your door.

Now watch, listen and learn.

Study their body language, their facial expressions. How does your salon team interact with them?

Is there too much holiday chat and not enough talk of hair/beauty care and tips? How long before they’re offered a drink?

Is the appointment on time from start to finish? Does your receptionist look bored as they dither over the date of their next appointment?

Follow their whole journey around your hair or beauty salon. Make detailed notes and learn.


I’ll guarantee you’ll gain at least one insight into how to improve your client’s salon experience.

I’d recommend repeating this exercise once a month. And it’s good to observe different types of clients. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • New client on their first visit to your salon
  • Colour service client
  • A client visiting your most senior stylist
  • And one visiting a graduate stylist
  • A walk-in/standby client
  • Mum and child

Simple. But very effective. Give it a try today.

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