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A Salon Marketing Opportunity To Leap At…

A salon marketing opportunity to leap at…

A quick brain-teaser…

What salon marketing opportunity takes place in a few weeks time, last happened in 2012 and won’t occur again until 2020?

Okay, it’s a bit obvious. Leap Year 29th February.

The 29th falls on a Monday this year. Monday is often a quiet day for spas and salons so it’s a cracking excuse to drive business.


Leap at the salon marketing opportunity

It’s an extra trading day.

A complete profit bonus.

You’ve nothing to lose.

Here are 8 quick and easy ideas to promote your hair & beauty business on the 29th February.

[1] Leap Year Offer: why not offer 29% off selected services/treatments on the 29th? My usual cautions apply: don’t discount your most popular treatments and team members. Be selective.

[2] Once every four years: play on this theme with a buy 3 get the 4th free for a course of beauty treatments. Or retail products.

[3] Salon Gift cards on the 29th February: buy a gift card and we’ll give you 29% extra for free. Gift cards must be purchased on Leap Day and you may want to restrict their use to the quieter days of the week (or maybe not, depending on how quiet your salon is at the moment).

[4] Throw a Leap year party or salon event: remember it’s a Monday so you’re more likely to have the time and space to offer demonstrations, freebie mini-treatments and complimentary consultations.

[5] Birthday fun for Leap Year: use your salon software to check now for client birthdays on the 29th. Invite them in for a complimentary birthday treat. On the day, take some photos and ask them for a quote and then post on your salon website and social channels.

[6] Offer a special Leap Year benefit: for clients who visit or purchase on February 29th. Perhaps an in-salon complimentary conditioning treatment on their next 4 visits.

[7] Partnership leap: team up with a couple of local businesses who share a similar client base and offer a discount or value added offer if their clients shop at your salon on Leap Day and vice versa.

[8] Promote your salon on social: market Leap Year well in advance across all your marketing channels, especially social. Have some fun with leaping images (frogs, kangaroos, hares…) and playful puns. Push it out on your e-newsletter, promote it in-salon and pop it on your website.


Leap at the marketing opportunity

As Leap Year isn’t an annual event it tends to get overlooked by many spas and salons. So this year leap ahead (that’s my last pun I promise…) of the local competition, have some fun on the 29th February and get your till ringing for an extra day of trading.

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