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Winning Hair Industry Awards On A Super-tight Budget

Winning hair industry awards on a super-tight budget

Love to win a national hair industry award but haven’t the budget to enter? 9 prestigious yet inexpensive hairdressing competitions for 2015, and how awards will grow your salon.
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How To Turn Skin Tests Into Salon Marketing Opportunities

How to turn skin tests into salon marketing opportunities

Losing hair and beauty clients over skin testing? Try these ideas and tips to turn a necessity into a salon marketing opportunity.
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Google Warning To Non-mobile Friendly Salon Websites

Google warning to non-mobile friendly salon websites

Google warn they will be ranking websites that aren’t mobile friendly lower for mobile searches. Is your website affected and how could this damage your salon or spa business?
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Why Aren’t Clients Recommending My Salon?

Why aren’t clients recommending my salon?

Not getting many recommendations, reviews and referrals? Could this be why?
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Medi Spa Website Tips To Outperform Your Competitors

Medi Spa website tips to outperform your competitors

Is your homepage doing the best job it could to promote your medical aesthetics clinic? Proven design and content tips to convert more visitors into sales.
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What To Ask When Hiring A Salon SEO Specialist

What to ask when hiring a salon SEO specialist

If you’re looking for a search engine optimisation (SEO) expert to work with your hair or beauty business then these are the questions you need the right answers to.
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How To Make Your Salon Business More Successful With Smart Marketing

How to make your salon business more successful with smart marketing

Are you over-looking the untapped potential on your salon doorstep? Use targeted mini marketing campaigns to make your hair or beauty business even more successful.
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How To Attract More Brides To Your Hair Or Beauty Business

How to attract more brides to your hair or beauty business

Looking to gain more profitable wedding business for your hair or beauty salon? 4 ways to get brides to call you. Not your competitors.
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How To Make Your Salon More Profitable

How to make your salon more profitable

Is your beauty or hair salon as profitable as it could be? How to change your mindset, target the right clients and not squander your salon marketing resources.
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