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A smarter way to #GrowYourSalon

Owning a hair or beauty salon is great fun and very rewarding but it can also be hard work and tough at times. I know. I spend most of my days in and out of salons helping owners and managers to market and grow their business.

This blog is here to support and inspire you with practical marketing and business advice specifically for salons and spas. Remember: you are not what has happened to you. You are what you choose to become.

– Alice Kirby, Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing

Cash In On The Male Market
Cash in on the male market

“Male grooming might not be the biggest market, but it’s definitely the fastest growing as…

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Discount Coupons Are Good For Salon Business - It's A Fact
Discount coupons are good for salon business – it’s a fact
Free salon discount ideas to market and promote your hair or beauty business successfully. How, when and what to use for best results.
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How To Build Salon Loyalty. And Stop Losing Clients
How to build salon loyalty. And stop losing clients

A new survey reveals UK consumers are more loyal to their hairdresser than any other…

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How Serving Alcohol Helps Market Your Salon
How serving alcohol helps market your hair salon

I was in a London hair salon the other day, enjoying a frothy Cappuccino, when…

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One Easy Way To Waste Your Salon Marketing Budget
One easy way to waste your salon marketing budget
Running a successful, profitable salon business in these tough economic times is hard. You need to hang on to every single client as hard as you can. Right?
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Why retaining salon clients is (so) good for business
Retaining salon clients will build your hair or beauty business fast. Great retention rates keep marketing costs low and growth high.
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Salon Marketing: Is Your Reception Losing You Money?
Salon Marketing: Is Your Reception Losing You Money?
How to calculate what your reception is costing your business in lost appointment time...
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Give Your Facebook A Helping Hand – With Email Marketing
Give your Facebook a helping hand – with email marketing

More than half of the UK population is now on Facebook. With all the hype…

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4 salon marketing tips for websites

Here are four key reasons why your salon website is so important to your business…

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