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Owning a hair or beauty salon is great fun and very rewarding but it can also be hard work and tough at times. I know. I spend most of my days in and out of salons helping owners and managers to market and grow their business.

This blog is here to support and inspire you with practical marketing and business advice specifically for salons and spas. Remember: you are not what has happened to you. You are what you choose to become.

– Alice Kirby, Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing

Is Your Salon Website Design Losing You Clients?

Is your salon website design losing you clients?

How to design the best salon website. Leading salon and spa industry specialists give 12 ideas for designing a top hair or beauty business website.
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Should You Offer Salon Discounts And Deals?

Should you offer salon discounts and deals?

How to avoid common salon discount mistakes. Ideas on how to give salon discounts, special offers and deals profitably and without damaging your business.
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Is Your Salon Receptionist Making You Money?

Is your salon receptionist making you money?

In this post I show you how to transform your front-of-house from a cost centre to a profit centre.
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Who Is Your Spa Or Salon’s Ideal Client?

Who is your spa or salon’s ideal client?

Forget marketing to everyone if you want to grow your spa business. Target your ideal customer if you want to increase profits and be fully booked.
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Toss Out Your Salon Mirrors… And Other Business Ideas

Toss out your salon mirrors… and other business ideas

Explore everything and dismiss nothing if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Business ideas to get you thinking...
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Salon Body Language Tips That Give The Right Impression

Salon body language tips that give the right impression

Is sloppy body language letting your team down? Are clients getting the wrong message? Ideas and tips for a salon or spa training session on powerful non verbal communication.
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Powerful Tips For A Perfect Salon Or Spa Consultation

Powerful tips for a perfect salon or spa consultation

Are your client consultations working hard enough for you? I take a look at how to up your team’s game, wow clients and boost your profits.
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A Salon Marketing Opportunity To Leap At…

A salon marketing opportunity to leap at…

Leap Year 29th February falls on a Monday this year. Monday is often a quiet day for spas and salons so it’s a cracking excuse to drive business.
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Why A Salon Staff Handbook Is Gold Dust & How To Get It Read

Why a salon staff handbook is gold dust & how to get it read

Do you have a salon or spa Staff Handbook? Tips on why you need one, what to include, getting it read and where to find a hair & beauty industry-specific handbook.
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