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A smarter way to #GrowYourSalon

Owning a hair or beauty salon is great fun and very rewarding but it can also be hard work and tough at times. I know. I spend most of my days in and out of salons helping owners and managers to market and grow their business.

This blog is here to support and inspire you with practical marketing and business advice specifically for salons and spas. Remember: you are not what has happened to you. You are what you choose to become.

– Alice Kirby, Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing

Celebrity Endorsements Sell Salon Retail (true)

Celebrity endorsements sell salon retail (true)

Are celebrity endorsements worth using to sell retail in your salon or spa? Yes, and here’s how to get the best out of them for your hair & beauty business.
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Auto-enrolment Pensions For Salons & Where To Get Help

Auto-enrolment pensions for salons & where to get help

Confused about auto-enrolment pensions? Our guide for hair and beauty salons on the new Workplace pensions and where best to get help and advice.
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How To Increase Rebooking In Your Hair Or Beauty Salon

How to increase rebooking in your hair or beauty salon

Our no-nonsense guide to improving your salon or spa re-bookings, packed with easy-to-implement ideas and tips for your hair or beauty business.
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How Simple Checklists Keep Your Salon Business On Track

How simple checklists keep your salon business on track

Salon checklists save money and time for your hair or beauty business and boost productivity. Ideas and tips on when and how to use them in your salon, spa or clinic.
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3 Of The Best (free) Salon Social Media Tools

3 of the best (free) salon social media tools

Want to know which free social media marketing tools work best for hair and beauty businesses? Start with these 3 online salon freebies.
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How To Sell (loads) More Salon Gift Cards

How to sell (loads) more salon gift cards

Selling more spa or salon gift vouchers is an easy way to increase profit and encourage new clients to visit your hair and beauty business.
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Financial Help And Advice For Start Up Salon Businesses

Financial help and advice for start up salon businesses

Where to get free financial advice on tax, staff pay, expenses, VAT & financial records when you’re starting up a new salon or spa.
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3 Customer Care Tips From Successful Hair Salons

3 Customer Care Tips from Successful Hair Salons

Is your customer care in a bit of a rut? When was the last time you looked? 3 ideas on how to give it some oomph.
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How To Turn Skin Tests Into Salon Marketing Opportunities

How to turn skin tests into salon marketing opportunities

Losing hair and beauty clients over skin testing? Try these ideas and tips to turn a necessity into a salon marketing opportunity.
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