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How to convert callers into paying salon clients fast
An easy psychology tip to try now, and convert more salon callers into new paying clients.
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National Minimum & Living Wage increases April 2020
Is your salon, spa or aesthetic clinic paying the right National Minimum and Living Wage? Find the April 2020 increases here...
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9 body language tips to impress salon clients
Is sloppy body language letting your team down? Are clients getting the wrong message? Ideas and tips for a salon or spa training session on powerful non verbal communication.
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Master Body Language To Manage Your Salon Team
Master body language to manage your salon team
I stumbled across this TED Talk video and immediately wanted to share it. Try these tips at your next team meeting or with an awkward client and you'll be converted too.
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How to recruit the best salon team (for less)
Finding it tough to recruit the right new talent for your salon or clinic? You need to stand out from the local crowd. Here’s how...
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Rent A Chair Or Employees For Your Salon? Which Is Best?
Rent a chair or employees for your salon? Which is best?
Freelance rent-a-chair or employed staff? Which is the most profitable and risk free route for your hair salon. We weigh up the pros and cons.
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How To Weed Out Salon Troublemakers When Interviewing
How to weed out salon troublemakers when interviewing
Avoid hiring troublesome salon employees by spotting these warning signs when interviewing. Ignore these recruitment red flags at your peril.
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A toxic question to avoid when hiring
Ever said, “Someone with experience and a following” is just what this salon needs right now? Be very careful of what you wish for when recruiting.
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Why A Salon Staff Handbook Is Gold Dust & How To Get It Read
Why a salon staff handbook is gold dust & how to get it read
Do you have a salon or spa Staff Handbook? Tips on why you need one, what to include, getting it read and where to find a hair & beauty industry-specific handbook.
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