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How To Stop Bullying Crippling Your Salon Or Spa Business

How to stop bullying crippling your salon or spa business

Is your business affected by bullying? My advice to ensure it doesn’t affect your salon, cost you money and become yet another worry.
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A Nifty Customer Service Tool For Salons And Spas

A nifty customer service tool for salons and spas

Looking for an easy tool to help your team improve customer care in your hair or beauty business? Try this handy 5 step L.E.A.R.N tool.
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A Simple Trick For Better One-on-one Meetings With Your Salon Team

A simple trick for better one-on-one meetings with your salon team

Do you find one-to-one meetings with salon employees difficult at times? Try this business tip to stay in control and achieve changes in attitude and behaviour.
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A Quick Training Idea For Your Hair Salon Team

A quick training idea for your hair salon team

Looking for hair or beauty salon training ideas for your next team meeting? Try this easy yet effective exercise to improve their client care skills.
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Are Salon Employees Entitled To Paid Leave For Bank Holidays?

Are salon employees entitled to paid leave for bank holidays?

Do you have to give your salon staff the public (bank) holidays off? And if so can they insist on being paid too?
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Motivate And Build Your Team Whilst Marketing Your Salon

Motivate and build your team whilst marketing your salon

How to motivate your salon employees by encouraging them to promote your hair or beauty business.
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Are Your Salon Team At Risk When They Work Alone?

Are your salon team at risk when they work alone?

Do you have staff working alone in your hair or beauty salon? Learn about your obligations as manager and how to make it safer for your team and clients.
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