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Powerful Tips For A Perfect Salon Or Spa Consultation
Powerful tips for a perfect salon or spa consultation
Are your client consultations working hard enough for you? I take a look at how to up your team’s game, wow clients and boost your profits.
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Stay Cool In Salon When It’s Sizzling Outside
Stay cool in salon when it’s sizzling outside
Temperatures rising outside? How to keep your hair and beauty clients cool this summer and your salon employees chilled and onside.
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How To Get Your Salon Email Marketing Opened And Read
How to get your salon email marketing opened and read
12 easy ways to improve your hair or beauty business e-newsletter open rates. Get more people reading your news and seeing your spa and salon offers.
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How To Increase Rebooking In Your Hair Or Beauty Salon
How to increase rebooking in your hair or beauty salon
Our no-nonsense guide to improving your salon or spa re-bookings, packed with easy-to-implement ideas and tips for your hair or beauty business.
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3 Customer Care Tips From Successful Hair Salons
3 Customer Care Tips from Successful Hair Salons
Is your customer care in a bit of a rut? When was the last time you looked? 3 ideas on how to give it some oomph.
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How To Turn Skin Tests Into Salon Marketing Opportunities
How to turn skin tests into salon marketing opportunities
Losing hair and beauty clients over skin testing? Try these ideas and tips to turn a necessity into a salon marketing opportunity.
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A Salon Marketing Checklist For Savvy Text Messaging
A salon marketing checklist for savvy text messaging
How to market your salon or spa using text messages. When to use SMS messaging for best results plus 9 texting tips for marketing your hair or beauty business
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Are You Ducking Salon Client Surveys And Questionnaires
Are you ducking salon client surveys and questionnaires?
Why client surveys and questionnaires are key to growing your business and how to get them right. Plus free templates for hair and beauty salons and spas.
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How To Make A Good Salon Business Better (fast)
How to make a good salon business better (fast)
Up your game by focusing on the not so good elements of your salon experience for a change. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make.
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