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Hate Giving Salon Discounts? Try This Trick…

Hate giving salon discounts? Try this trick…

No entrepreneur likes giving discounts, but if you decide to offer salon deals read my tips on making them super effective so they fly out the door.
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How To Write A Brilliant Salon Blog

How to write a brilliant salon blog

Think you should be writing a salon blog but not sure how to start? Try these 7 no-nonsense blogging tips.
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Two Magic Words To Make Your Salon Grow

Two magic words to make your salon grow

Sometimes it’s the little things that change how clients think about your beauty or hair business... try this.
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Words Matter. Words Are Cheap.

Words matter. Words are cheap.

Are your salon team using the right words? Words are powerful. The wrong ones will lose you customers. The right ones will boost your profit.
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Make Your Salon Stand Out From The Crowd

Make your salon stand out from the crowd

Ideas on how to improve your customer's experience for hair and beauty business owners and managers.
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Why Aren’t Clients Recommending My Salon?

Why aren’t clients recommending my salon?

Not getting many recommendations, reviews and referrals? Could this be why?
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How To Coax Email Addresses Out Of Hair & Beauty Clients

How to coax email addresses out of hair & beauty clients

Finding it difficult to capture personal email details from your spa or salon clients? Practical tips and ideas on how to collect them easily and quickly.
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How To Make Surprisingly More Money In Your Salon

How to make surprisingly more money in your salon

Online salon calculator to show you how to earn more money in your beauty or hair business by increasing the number of new clients you keep. You’ll be surprised.
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Make Your Salon Offers More Enticing For No Extra Cost

Make your salon offers more enticing for no extra cost

How to make your beauty or hair salon promotions, offers and prices more tempting to your clients, for free.
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