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How To Instantly Improve Your Salon's Client Retention

How to improve your salon’s client retention (instantly)

Research shows men and women are loyal in different ways. Understand these behavioural differences and make them work for your hair or beauty business.
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How To Make Your Salon Business More Successful With Smart Marketing

How to make your salon business more successful with smart marketing

Are you over-looking the untapped potential on your salon doorstep? Use targeted mini marketing campaigns to make your hair or beauty business even more successful.
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How To Keep Your Clients When A Stylist Leaves Your Salon

How to keep your clients when a stylist leaves your salon

Hair stylist or beauty therapist handed in their notice? 8 ways to retain your salon clients when an employee resigns.
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4 Ways To Build A Salon Database And Why You Need One

4 ways to build a salon database and why you need one

Why your salon database is one of your most valuable marketing tools. And how to build a large email database of potential new clients quickly for your business.
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How To WOW Salon Clients And Win More Business

How to WOW salon clients and win more business

How to win new business for your hair or beauty salon with a WOW. Practical salon business and marketing ideas & tips to impress your clients.
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3 Profitable Salon Marketing Tips

Done correctly marketing will make your beauty or hair salon more profitable. Try starting with these 3 areas to kick-start your salon business into profit.
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Increase Customer Loyalty In Your Salon

Increase customer loyalty in your salon

To improve salon client loyalty and increase retention you first need to understand where your weak points are. Then make the right changes.
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Is Your Salon Music Earning You Money?

Is your salon music earning you money?

Your choice of salon music influences customer spend. Here are 4 ways to increase hair and beauty business profits with your playlist.
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A Free Salon Marketing Research Tool (that Really Works)

A free salon marketing research tool (that really works)

A DIY marketing research idea for hair & beauty salons. Discover what your clients want, improve their salon experience and stand out from the competition.
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