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Instagram hashtags can damage your salon brand
Are you using these seemingly harmless Instagram hashtags? If so, stop now.
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How to use emojis in your salon social marketing
How to use emojis to market your hair or beauty salon on social and in email marketing. And when to avoid them.
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5 steps: ensure your salon business survives COVID-19
How to market your beauty, aesthetic or hair business during the coronavirus shutdown, and survive and thrive...
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How to use colour to market your salon on Instagram
Colours can change how clients feel about and perceive your beauty, aesthetic or hair business. Choose the right colours when marketing on Instagram and salon social media to influence followers’ behaviour and decision-making.
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How to run a salon Facebook giveaway contest
Run a Facebook giveaway contest and shout about your salon brand to a new local audience. Here's how:
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How To Create A Salon Social Media Marketing Plan: 7 Steps
How to create a salon social media marketing plan
Write a salon social media marketing plan for your hair, beauty or aesthetic business with our 7 step guide...
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25 Christmas Facebook Marketing Ideas For Salons & Spas
25 Christmas Facebook marketing ideas for salons & spas
Stuck for Christmas Facebook ideas? Try these easy 25 Facebook tips for busy salons and spas and get ahead before the rush.
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Using hashtags for hair and beauty businesses (with examples)
Dozens of hashtag examples to use plus 7 easy but effective #hashtag marketing tips.
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How To Write Better Salon Facebook Posts To Get More Likes
How to write better salon Facebook posts and get more Likes
Struggling to increase your Facebook Likes? 12 actionable tips for hairdressers and beauty salon owners to boost your Likes.
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