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Is Your Salon Vulnerable To Cyber Fraud And Data Theft?

Is your salon vulnerable to cyber fraud and data theft?

How to protect your hair or beauty business from cyber attack. A hairdressing salon recently paid a €1000 ransom after their client data was hacked and locked.
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Why Salon Reviews Are Marketing Dynamite & How To Get Them

Why salon reviews are marketing dynamite & how to get them

Are you harnessing the power of online reviews for your spa or salon? A detailed guide on how they can skyrocket your salon marketing.
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25 Ways To Market A Salon Or Spa On A £25 Budget Or Less

25 ways to market a salon or spa on a £25 budget or less

How to market your hair & beauty salon, spa or aesthetics clinic on a tight budget without looking like a cheapskate.
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How Simple Checklists Keep Your Salon Business On Track

How simple checklists keep your salon business on track

Salon checklists save money and time for your hair or beauty business and boost productivity. Ideas and tips on when and how to use them in your salon, spa or clinic.
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Financial Help And Advice For Start Up Salon Businesses

Financial help and advice for start up salon businesses

Where to get free financial advice on tax, staff pay, expenses, VAT & financial records when you’re starting up a new salon or spa.
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Dreaming Of Setting Up Your Own Beauty Or Hair Business?

Dreaming of setting up your own beauty or hair business?

Dreaming of setting up your own beauty or hair business? What are you waiting for?
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9 Time Management Ideas For Salons And Spas

9 Time management ideas for salons and spas

Feeling out of control and overwhelmed in your spa or salon? Try these practical time management tips for hair and beauty business owners and regain the upperhand.
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Cheap But Cheerful Ways To Promote Your Salon Or Spa

Cheap but cheerful ways to promote your salon or spa

Looking for a low cost yet effective way of marketing your beauty or hair business? Don’t overlook the promotion potential of your salon or spa premises.
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How To Coax Email Addresses Out Of Hair & Beauty Clients

How to coax email addresses out of hair & beauty clients

Finding it difficult to capture personal email details from your spa or salon clients? Practical tips and ideas on how to collect them easily and quickly.
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