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A Trouble-free Salon Marketing Tool For Those On A Budget

A trouble-free salon marketing tool for those on a budget

Banner stands may seem old hat but they are a low-cost versatile tool for promoting your hair or beauty business. Tips and ideas on making them work harder for you.
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These 7 Words Can Trash Your Salon Content Marketing

These 7 words can trash your salon content marketing

Writing content and blogs for your hair or beauty website and marketing materials? Avoid these common salon grammar and spelling mistakes.
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28 professional design & layout tips for the perfect salon interior

Top salon interior design, planning and furniture ideas. Plan your beauty or hair salon layout with expert tips from leading designers. Avoid these common mistakes.
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How To Start A Successful Hair Or Beauty Salon

How to start a successful hair or beauty salon

Starting a new hair or beauty business? The 5 most common reasons a start-up salon business fails plus tips on how to avoid them and become a successful salon, spa or clinic owner.
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8 Steps For Handling Salon Complaints Online

8 steps for handling salon complaints online

How to handle salon complaints on Facebook and Twitter for hair & beauty business owners. Deal with social media complaints and protect your online salon reputation.
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5 Ways To Squeeze More From Your Salon Suppliers – Nicely

5 ways to squeeze more from salon suppliers (nicely)

Why actively marketing your hair or beauty salon to your suppliers will reap big rewards. 5 ways to promote your business and enjoy better profits and support.
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Running your own hair salon – business tips from Richard Ward

Advice and ideas on starting and running a salon in an inspirational video by top salon owner Richard Ward.
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