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Is your salon or spa website mobile-friendly?

Earlier this year Google started sending warning emails out to non-mobile friendly websites stating “These pages will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search and will therefore be displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users.”

If you’re not sure what a mobile-friendly (also known as a mobile-responsive) website is exactly then here’s a quick simple summary.


How does this affect my hair or beauty business?

Until these Google warnings, the main problem with non-mobile friendly websites was tiny, unreadable pages that made browsing your website impossible. Frustrated visitors quickly abandoned your website and headed off to your competitor’s mobile-friendly site instead.

This was bad enough for your salon or spa business.

However, over the last few months things have moved on with Google signalling that not being mobile friendly will now damage your Google ranking.

From late April 2015 if your spa or salon website is not responsive you’ll likely see a drop in your Google ranking for people searching on their mobile devices.

If your competitor’s website is mobile friendly then there is a good chance that they will start to rank higher than you on mobile search.

Not good.


Harder to get new clients with online marketing

Your salon website is your shop window to the world. If you start to lose rank to your competitors and appear lower down the page on searches made on mobile devices:

  • you’ll get less traffic onto your website
  • fewer chances to attract and convert potential new clients
  • your online business visibility will shrink

In contrast, a mobile responsive website means more visitors, more clicks, more new salon and spa clients.


Should I be concerned about my spa or salon website?

There is no need to panic but you will need to take action if you don’t want to lose out for searchers using mobile devices.

Google gave warnings to allow website owners time to take action. Google has not suggested that desktop searches will be affected, but mobile search is huge, and still growing.

If you want your business to be seen online you need a mobile responsive website.


A complete salon, spa and aesthetics website service

If your current website is not mobile-friendly and you want to change it in the light of Google’s warning we offer a complete salon, spa and aesthetic website service. We work only with the hair and beauty industry and understand the business inside out.

We’ll give you online marketing advice, design and build the website, write your content and blogs and optimise your new website for search engines. You can find out more here.

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