How To Get Better Feedback From Your Salon Clients

How to get better feedback from your salon clients

Today’s salon clients expect more, and better, service for less money.

Client feedback is invaluable for improving retention

Understanding exactly what your clients want, then giving it to them, is a simple prescription for improving salon loyalty.

Yet bizarrely clients seem reluctant to tell you how to improve their salon experience (unless they’re having a good moan when they will let you know all too loudly). Ask clients to fill in a feedback form or put ideas into a suggestion box and they become perplexingly quiet.

How to coax honest salon feedback out of your clients

Make a list of everything you think your clients want from their visit to your salon. The customer care details that you believe are important to them.

Get your team’s input too – they are the ones at the coal face after all.

I find the best way is to mentally walk through a typical client’s visit. Start with their phone call to book their appointment and end as they walk out of the salon door.

Now show this list to say 10 of your top salon clients. Choose the type of client you’d like oodles of – namely loyal, high spending, frequent ones.

Ask them for their salon feedback on:

  • Whether you’ve got the list right and
  • Is there anything else they would like to add which would enhance their salon experience.

Don’t just hand them the list and run. Take time to sit down with them one-to-one. Listen. And learn.

Doing it this way makes it easy for them to give you their feedback and thoughts. The list gets them thinking along the right-lines and they feel flattered to be asked. It’s so much more personal and productive than thrusting a standard feedback form into their hand as they wait to pay.

I do this marketing exercise with many of the salons we work with. It’s surprising how often salon clients mention things the owner or manager hadn’t noticed.

Put yourself in your clients’ shoes

Just imagine how you’d feel if next time you took your car for a service someone took time to show you such a customer care improvements list.

Then gave you the opportunity to add your own opinions and comments. Off the top of my head I can think of a number of small (but helpful) improvements my garage could make to add to my customer experience. Your hair or beauty clients may well be able to do the same for your salon or spa.

If, on your next garage visit, you saw one of your ideas had been implemented how would you feel? I suspect chuffed that the motor dealer thought your opinion was so valuable.