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The new Facebook Insights went live this week for all Page owners. For salon Facebook novices, Insights are the viewing/engagement statistics for your Facebook page.

Do have a look at them for your salon or spa – they are well worth studying. They reveal what your followers enjoy reading on your Facebook and what really strikes a chord with them. Armed with this information you can tailor your salon Facebook posts better in the future and increase your Likes, Comments and Shares.

Check out this key Facebook measurement for salon owners

To find Insights go into your admin panel. From your admin panel, the Insights box is located next to the Get More Likes box.

At first glance they can seem a bit daunting. But persevere as the updated Insights facility reveals priceless salon marketing and business information about your hair or beauty marketing.

I’m focusing on just one Facebook Insight table today because I think it is probably the most important Facebook marketing tool for hair and beauty salons. It’s the one that tells you how many people actually see your posts (‘Reach’) and then Engage (Likes, Comments and Shares).

Surely all my Facebook Likes see every post?

First, I’m going to disappoint many salon Facebook managers.

I speak to many spa and salon owners every week. Most of them believe that if they have 600 Facebook Likes and put a post on their salon Facebook, then all 600 people see it. They think that every one of their Facebook posts appear in every one of their Likes News Feeds. Every time.


In reality, each of your Facebook posts only appears in about 20-40% of your Likes News Feeds.

A bit disappointing isn’t it?

This figure is called ‘Reach’ by Facebook. ‘Reach’ shows the exact number of people who have received your post. Not clicked on it. Not even read it. Just received it.

How to find your salon Reach

The new Insights are broken down into the following tabbed sections: Overview, Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts and People.

Click on the ‘Posts’ tab and scroll down a little. You’ll see a table like the one below.

You’ll see ‘Reach’ is shown both as a number (that is, the number of News Feeds your post appeared in) and as an orange graph, which makes it nice and easy to compare with your other posts.

Facebook Insights

What are your salon Followers doing…

Good news. The new Facebook Insights give you much more detailed information about what people do when they see your post.

Remember: ‘Reach’ tells you exactly how many News Feeds your salon post “x% off today” appeared in. To the right of this column, on the same table, is a column headed ‘Engagement’. This information is Facebook marketing gold.

The blue graph shows you the number of people who actually clicked on your post. It is probably far smaller than you thought. Many salon owners think the ‘Reach’ statistic is the click rate (but it isn’t – see above).

To dig deeper, look at the purple graph (below the blue one and still in the Engagement column). This, finally, is the number of people who Liked, Commented or Shared your salon post.

Use Insights to improve your Facebook marketing

I know it can seem a bit overwhelming to start with. However, you need to know whether your Facebook marketing is really working for your salon. You need to know how many people in reality read your posts, and which posts.

Equipped with this information you can:

  • Tailor future posts to increase salon Reach and Engagement
  • Decide if all the time you are investing in Facebook marketing is really paying off. Time is money don’t forget.

And when you’ve reviewed your Insights, if you feel you’d like some professional marketing and business advice on Facebook to put you back on track, please feel free to get in touch for a chat.

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