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Google is a dictator. And one you must obey if you want your salon or spa website to rank highly.

Which of course you do.

If you want to grow your hair or beauty business.


#1. Google loves a good salon blog

To appease Google, and push your salon website up the search engine rankings, get yourself a business blog.

Okay, pen poised… Ready, steady, go.

But what to write? How often? How long a blog post? What to talk about?

Aaaarrgggh it all gets so complicated.

So here’s my easy salon bloggers’ guide to get you started…


#2. How often should I post a salon blog?

You’ve probably read all sorts of conflicting advice from the blogging community. It’s okayt for them. They’re not trying to run a hair or beauty business. But you are.

For you (and me) blogging is just one part of the many marketing activities you need to be doing each month. Oh and did I mention the small matter of fitting clients in too?

I suggest salons blog once a month. The trick is to blog consistently. Four posts in as many weeks, then nothing for months is bluntly wasted effort.


#3. What are the best topics for my salon blog?

Give your readers plenty of ‘What’s in it for me’. They don’t want to read about you and your ego and they don’t want to be bombarded with ‘buy, buy, buy’.

Take your cue from the world around you. This can be local or national. If it’s the Oscars share red carpet beauty tips and Hollywood ‘how to’ hair guides.

Pregnant celeb in the news? Then write about new mums’ hair challenges or how to eradicate stretch marks.

Scour your local media too for community stories you can use as a hook for beauty or hair blogs.


#4. How do I give my salon blog personality?

Put your team in the limelight. We all love some recognition. Weave them into your business blog to make it more friendly and zingy.

Here’s how:

  • Having crafted your main blog post, pop in a couple of recommendations for beauty or hair products to help readers achieve the look/result. Go lightly on these, we don’t want to overdo it.
  • Try something along the lines of “Art Director Jane loves XXXX product which always gives a light hold”.
  • Use phrases such as “Jane’s favourite is, Jane explains, Jane recommends, Jane advises” to ring the changes.


#5. How long should my blog posts be?

You might have read that longer blog posts are best. Lengthy articles do score well with Google, but you’re not trying to be the best in the country, just the highest ranking salon website in town.

Write with your reader in mind. Not Google. It’s better to pen a 350-400 word blog that packs a punch, than a rambling 2,000 word monster.

Write tightly. Write precisely. Write concisely.


#6. What about blog imagery?

Yes it’s a cliché, but a picture paints a thousand words.

It’s too easy to breathe a huge sigh of relief after finishing your blog, rush onto a library site (or worse Google images) and grab any old pic. Please don’t.

Instead spend time selecting an eye-catching image. Something that captures the essence of what you’re blogging about. An image which reinforces the marketing messages of your hair and beauty brand.


#7. Dodgy grammar and spelling mistakes will let your salon down

You’ve written a sparkling blog, found a cracking picture and you’re all set to go. But wait.

Is your salon blog littered with spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and poor punctuation? Yes? What message is this giving to your clients?

Slapdash. Sloppy. Shoddy.

Ummm. Does this make me feel good about you wielding a tube of colour near my precious hair or giving me a laser beauty treatment? Probably not.

If spelling and grammar aren’t your thing just ask someone you trust to proof your blog. It only takes minutes, yet it saves sending out the wrong marketing messages. You may also find this blog post useful – these 7 words can trash your salon or spa blog.

And one last tip for your salon blog…

Go light on exclamation marks!! They look over-hyped and salesy!!


To learn more about why a blog is such an essential marketing tool today for your salon, spa or clinic read this blog post.
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