Increase Salon Profits with 7 Relaxing Marketing Ideas

It’s Saturday. Your salon is bulging at the seams with clients. But are you missing a salon marketing trick?

Recent marketing research reveals relaxing salon environments can increase profits:

  • Tranquil surroundings encourage sales and
  • increase your clients’ perception of the value of their hairdressing or beauty experience.

More to the point the American study confirmed that relaxed customers will pay between 10% and 15% more than tense ones. That’s profit worth having.


Why do relaxed salon clients spend more money?

The researchers demonstrated that relaxed consumers tend to think about the value of products at a more abstract level compared to less relaxed clients. Because of this they perceive services and products to be worth more.


Your salon environment affects your client’s thinking and purchasing

Here’s how it works.

A relaxed beauty client considering whether to splash out on an expensive skin-care cream will focus more on what the cream would enable her to do (look younger and more attractive) and how desirable and advantageous it is to own it.

Whereas a more tense consumer focuses more on the concrete features of the cream itself (the vitamins it contains, its smell and feel and, of course, its price).


Create a relaxing atmosphere and increase salon sales

Granted it can be difficult to be a haven of peace and tranquillity on a busy weekend. But for an additional client 10% spend it’s worth looking at these 7 simple inexpensive business ideas:

  1. Create a welcoming tranquil environment from the moment clients step through your door with a smiling, calm receptionist and prompt attention.
  2. Banish clutter and mess. Choose attractive peaceful salon décor. Offer a relaxing drink, with a smile, as soon as possible.
  3. Keep salon noise levels to a minimum.
  4. For hair salons your backwash is crucial. This is the hairdressing experience most clients value most. Educate your team to give a soothing, stress-busting head massage. Don’t natter constantly to clients – let them float away and enjoy the experience.
  5. If you have news channels streamed on to salon TV screens think again. The latest financial meltdown and loud, argumentative presenters do not create a serene salon atmosphere.
  6. Avoid loud or inappropriate music. Scientific research shows music has a powerful effect on client spend and your team motivation. If you’re interested in learning more about the link between music and spending read this article.
  7. Finally, ensure your team talk about ‘results’ – how good their client will look/feel when they leave your salon to reinforce those good vibes.

These may seem small and inconsequential tweak. But if they make clients feel more comfortable in your hair or beauty salon and more inclined to spend money than they are worth thinking about.

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