Medi Spa website tips to outperform your competitors

Is your website homepage a crowd-puller for your beauty business?

Does it convert readers into new clients? Or do visitors beat a hasty retreat?

You have just five seconds to create a positive first impression and avoid that click on the back button, so your homepage needs to be so much more than just visually appealing

Let’s look at the two marketing steps needed to ensure your website homepage does a successful sales job for your aesthetics clinic:

  • Step One: Create highly relevant marketing content aimed at the right audience.
  • Step Two: Homepage design do’s and don’ts.


Step One: Your medi spa website is more than just a pretty face

Too often website designers jump straight into producing a visual for you to approve. It’s what beauty websites are all about. Isn’t it?


Leaping blindly in to design the graphics at this stage is a mistake.

So what should you do instead?

Step into the shoes of your online target audience

Think about what makes your target client tick. What are their aesthetic worries? Why are they apprehensive about cosmetic procedures? What makes them feel warm and secure?

Now develop your homepage content to calm these fears. But remember you only have five or so seconds to make that right impression.

What are clients looking for in their aesthetic practitioner?

They want an expert.

A knowledgeable specialist they can entrust with their looks. It’s fairly obvious really. Yet website designers too often overlook the marketing element of a website in their unseemly rush to start designing.

So take control from the start of the project and get your marketing ducks lined up in a row first.

The right content creates trust on your medi spa homepage

So how do you project these feelings of trust and professionalism on your website homepage?

  • Avoid design or content that smacks of gimmicks or hard sell. Your marketing message is experienced, first-class and trustworthy. Not ‘we’re in it to make a fast buck’.
  • Replace plodding corporate-speak with professional copywriting to grab their attention.
  • Testimonials and case-studies are a vital online marketing tool for the aesthetics profession. Showcase them on your homepage; don’t hide them away in the depths of your website.
  • Flaunt your qualifications and any industry awards on your homepage. They say volumes about your expertise to nervous readers fretting about end-results and which clinic to choose.


Step Two: Do’s and don’ts for medi spa websites

Now you’ve sussed the marketing elements of your medi spa website you can move onto these 7 website design essentials.

1. A mobile responsive website is a marketing essential today

Smartphone and tablet usage has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. If your medi spa website isn’t mobile friendly then it’s unlikely your homepage can be read on a phone or tablet and visitors will exit fast, without reading it.

Want to learn more about mobile responsive websites and why you need one? Try this blog post.

2. Keep your aesthetic treatments navigation simple

Do you have a long list of beauty and aesthetic treatments?

Beware. Research reveals many visitors exit a website because they are confused and overwhelmed.

Stripped-down navigation is both on-trend and simple for your readers to follow. The trick is to break your medical aesthetic treatments into relevant sections on the main navigation bar. 3 or 4 works well, I find. Then have a drop down menu from each, clearly and simply listing each individual beauty treatment.

Your website needs to be easily navigable for mobile devices too. So in addition to the main navigation use icons, buttons and scroll-downs to encourage visitors to explore your aesthetic treatments.

3. Give your website homepage a strong focal point

Avoid cramming your homepage with information. Have an eye-catching focal image and keep the page airy with plenty of ‘white space’. High quality photos of your aesthetics clinic or team give a personal and friendly looking focus.

4. Readable website design

Larger font sizes on websites are becoming very popular, mainly fuelled by the growing mobile use. Embrace this trend.

Avoid mixing fonts. It looks tacky and it makes your website difficult to read. A homepage with a variety of fonts in different colours and sizes looks cluttered and down-market. It doesn’t inspire trust and confidence in your aesthetic skills. This may sound petty, but first impressions are everything.

5. Clear marketing messages

Your homepage should be a portal to the rest of your website.

The best medi spa and aesthetic websites use little text on their homepage. This is not the place for long paragraphs. Keep copy to a minimum and instead include plenty of cross navigation buttons and icons.

6. Your clinic contact details

Don’t hide your phone number away. Have it clear and bold at the top every website page – not just the homepage.

On the homepage I tend to include it further down the page too, plus place it in the website footer with the full contact details.

7. Calls to action on your website

Calls to action (CTA in marketing jargon) tell the visitor what action you want them to take – ‘call now’, ‘book your free consultation’ or ‘request a brochure.’

Like your clinic phone number put CTAs at the top of your website so the reader will see them without scrolling.

And for when readers do scroll down include another CTA button in the body of the text and at the bottom of the page. It is difficult to overdo CTAs.

8. Social

Word of mouth is a major marketing tool for medical aesthetics so link your website and social media for maximum effect.

A good homepage is integrated with your social media channels and lets visitors share your content easily.

Too often I see Facebook and Twitter icons hidden away at the bottom of the homepage. Put them at the top of the page and watch your follower numbers explode.


Keep your website content up to date

You’ve got the marketing, content and design spot-on and your new website live. Allow yourself a quick pat on the back, then it’s back to work. Medical aesthetics is a competitive sector so you can’t afford to be complacent.

Your website is your business’s showcase. Both Google and visitors want, and expect, to see a regular supply of new, relevant well written content.

Google rewards good content by ranking your website higher. For visitors well-written, informative articles about your aesthetic procedures and techniques are reassuring and build that all important trust factor.

Content isn’t all about writing. Videos showing inside your clinic or medi spa and interviews with your team are all good content for your website homepage too.

If you’re thinking of a new website or refreshing your current one why not give us a call or email? We’re beauty and hair website and marketing specialists and understand the industry inside out.

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