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Getting Like for your new Facebook Page
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Useful start-up salon marketing tips & ideas

Thinking of starting a hair, beauty or aesthetics business, or you recently taken the plunge and set up a new salon?

I’ve pulled together some of my most popular salon start-up marketing tips and ideas for anyone looking to set up their first salon, clinic or spa or become a mobile or freelancer. Some talk about social media while others look at other practical salon marketing ideas:

Getting Likes for your new Facebook Page

Yes, of course you need a certain number of Facebook Page Likes, but remember: “Fans are vanity, sales are sanity”

I really can’t say this often enough or loudly enough:

It is pointless to have hundreds or thousands of followers if they live all over the UK and your new hair or beauty business is in Brighton as they are very unlikely to visit you and become a loyal client.


Focus on attracting your target market.

Follow these 8 simple steps…


Set up and complete your Facebook Business Page

  • Always set up a specific business Facebook Page for your new start-up and never use your Personal Profile.
  • Make sure you fill in as many sections of your Facebook Page as possible with useful, relevant information about your new business, including a link to your website if you have one.
  • Now pop some posts out (say 5-10) before you start so anyone who visits your Facebook Page can see what your business is about PLUS you begin to establish that all important credibility and trust.


Ask friends, business partners and other contacts to like you on Facebook

You’ve probably got friends, family, and existing clients who would be very happy to connect with your new business on Facebook. So just ask. If people don’t know your Facebook Page exists, they can’t like it.

You can ask in person, on email or via Facebook (I show you how below). Ask them to connect by liking your business Facebook Page and, if you know them well, you could ask for a positive Facebook Review. Just remember Facebook rules do not allow you to incentivise people to give reviews.

Here’s how to ask via Facebook:

On your Facebook Page, in the right-hand sidebar, there’s a ‘Community’ box. In this box there’s an ‘Invite Friends’ button. Click this button to send and manage invites for friends or groups from your Personal Profile (the Profile that’s an Admin of your Page).


Promote your Facebook Page across all marketing channels

  • If you have, or are planning to have a website, then make sure your web designer adds links to your social channels on every page. Also ask them to configure Open Graph meta tags for each page so your webpages create good quality link posts (with a title, description and image) when posted on social channels. Any good web designer should do this automatically anyway, but it’s worth reminding them.
  • Include your new Facebook Page username on your appointment cards, treatment/price lists and business cards (and yes, if you’re starting a new hair or beauty business I’d definitely invest in some business cards and hand them out like confetti).
  • If you have salon premises have strut cards and/or mirror talkers promoting it (in the washrooms, treatment rooms, in the window, on your a-board and on reception).


Cross-promote your social accounts

If you already have a strong Personal Profile then post on this encouraging followers to Like your Facebook Page. But never use your Personal Profile as your business account – it’s against the Facebook rules plus there are limits on the number of friends you can have, new clients can’t follow you easily and you can’t advertise.


Like other local businesses

Did you know your Facebook Page can engage with other company Pages on Facebook?

It’s a great way to build awareness in the local community with like-minded businesses and their followers.

Look for companies who target a similar audience/market to your new business – fashion and accessories, florists, home interiors and lifestyle, chocolate, jewellers, gyms, personal trainers, restaurants, bars, etc.

Here’s how to do it:

Visit any business Facebook Page, then click on the ellipsis (three-dot) menu next to the Like, Follow, Share buttons (just under their cover photo).

Now select ‘Like as your Page’ in the dropdown menu. In a pop-up box you’ll be asked to select which Page you want like this business Page as (if you have/Admin more than one).

Click OK and you’ll receive a notification that they are added to your favourites.

Now visit your Facebook Page. In the right-hand sidebar scroll down to the panel where it displays your number of Likes and Followers. In here click a link titled “See Pages Feed”.

This will show you the Feed of all the Pages you like as your Page. You can interact with the businesses on their recent posts or see all the Pages you Like. You can also add more businesses by clicking the green ‘Like Other Pages’ button at the top – from here you can search for other businesses to add.

Engage with their posts and not only is the local business likely to follow you back, but their followers will see your Comments, Likes and engagement and may well Like your Facebook Page.


Join local Facebook groups

Get involved in your community by joining local Facebook groups which will start to get your new business noticed and talked about.


Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are another great way to increase Facebook Likes.

Facebook advertising is where it’s so important to understand who your target audience is.

Remember: Everyone is not your customer.

Experiment with different types of ads to see what works best for your business. In the left-hand menu sidebar, at the bottom there’s a blue ‘Promote’ button. If you click this you get a window containing a suite of popular advertising tools each designed with a different goal in mind.

If you want to reach local people who don’t know about your Page yet, but would be interested in hearing from you, you can grow your Page Like numbers using the ‘Promote your Page’ advertising.

This auto generates an advert from the About content you added to your Page earlier (STEP 1 above) and adds a clear call to action to Like your Page.

Use Facebook’s targeting options to reach your ideal target audience and grow your Page locally. It’s far more effective to advertise to local people who fit your target audience rather than adopt a scattergun approach.

Remember: Not everyone is your customer. Having 100 people who love your new business is far more valuable to you than 1000 people who have no interest at all in your services, don’t live locally and aren’t interested in hair or beauty. You can also easily adjust the auto advert design and set advertising budgets before launching.

These ads can appear in users’ News Feeds or in the ad column on the right-hand side of their web browser when they’re on Facebook. Here’s what a Page Like Ad looks like on a mobile News Feed:


Increasing your Page Likes ongoing

So you’ve invested your precious time (and as a new business owner you’re very short of time) in getting your target audience to Like your new Facebook Page. You now need to engage with them, keep them connected and then convert them into salon clients. To do this:

  • Follow the 5 golden rules of post content gave you at the seminar.
  • Post high-quality content regularly and consistently (quality not quantity).
  • Stay on message for your target audience.

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