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Pep Up Your Salon Facebook Marketing… With Hashtags

Pep up your salon Facebook marketing… with hashtags

Do you use hashtags on Facebook to promote your hair or beauty business?

Yes? Great.

But are you squeezing every last drop of salon marketing juice from them?

With Facebook clamping down on organic Reach for Business Pages make sure your #hashtags help, not hinder, your Facebook marketing.

1. Don’t stuff your salon Facebook with hashtags

The marketing experts agree. Excessive use of hashtags is irritating for followers and won’t improve your Facebook Reach or engagement. On the contrary, overuse makes people switch off to your salon brand and reach for the ‘Unlike’ button.

My advice – use hashtags sparingly. One or two only per Facebook post is enough. And I don’t recommend using them in every Facebook post.

By the way, if you’re not following us on Facebook why not pop over and take a peek?

2. Hashtag newbie?

Don’t worry. There are no right or wrong hashtags – feel free to dream up your own.

Just ensure they are relevant and easily understood by your salon clients and followers. I keep them clear and easy to read by not stringing too many words together.

#hothairautumnstyles is almost unreadable.

#hothairstyles is better.

#HotHair is best.

3. Make your marketing message crystal clear

And don’t be afraid to use uppercase/capitals. It makes longer hashtags so much easier to read.

Compare #salonmarketing and #SalonMarketing.

If you search for either version Facebook will return the same results, so always go for legibility.

Talking of which, avoid #breaking up #sentences with #hashtags. Wherever possible, pop them at the sentence end as it’s so much easier to read, as you can see. #Hashtag

4. A salon marketing oops!

Spare your blushes. If you see a hashtag being used on social media check it out before diving in. It’s a tad embarrassing if it’s something you don’t want to be linked with, or is promoting a local competitor.

5. Your own salon or spa brand hashtag

Create a hashtag for your salon brand and use it consistently. It could be your spa or salon name, your tagline or a unique feature of your business.

For example, we use #SalonMarketing as it explains what we do. We also use #GrowYourSalon as this is the name of my blog.

By using these two hashtags consistently we build brand recognition and awareness of our agency and our blog. You can do the same with your hair or beauty business. Keep it short and punchy by following my earlier tips.

Once you’ve developed a brand hashtag then use it to connect with local businesses, events and influencers. Look out for it being used by salon clients and friendly businesses so you can follow and then join in the conversation.

6. Promote your salon (harder) on Facebook

To market a salon event or Facebook competition create a catchy hashtag for that promotional campaign. For example, #SnipzWinners or #ClippersKidsOffer.

Now encourage people to use it on their social media channels. A catchy hashtag will help spread the word, boost Likes and increase your Facebook Reach.

7. Measure the hashtag effect on your Facebook

Finally, don’t forget to check your Facebook Insights and measure the response you’re getting. Are salon Facebook posts using a hashtag getting a bigger Reach than those without?


Joined up hair and beauty marketing on social media

And remember hashtags are not just for Facebook. Use them across all your salon and spa social media channels – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest platforms to build your hair or beauty brand and increase engagement.

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