How to keep your clients when an employee leaves…

Thank you for joining me at the Professional Beauty Show and Salon London. I hope you found my seminar useful and enjoyed the Shows.

Owning a hair or beauty salon is great fun and very rewarding but it can also be hard work and tough at times. I know. I spend most of my days in and out of salons helping owners and managers to market and grow their business. Here are the tools, templates and tips you need to implement my Five T’s System in your salon when Claire (remember her from the seminar?) hands in her notice.

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It’s Your Money

Have you ever worked out how much it costs you when a therapist or stylist leaves your salon with “a following”?

How much of your money is just walking out of your door?

With a single client…

  • Your average bill £40
  • 6 x visits per year = £240 pa spend
  • Add a couple of retail purchases at £15 each
  • Total annual spend per client = £270

With a following…

  • 20 clients x £270 = £5,400 pa
  • 50 clients x £270 = £13,500 pa
  • 20 clients £5,400 x 5 years = £27,000 walked out of your door
  • If 50 clients £13,500 x 5 years = £67,500 walked out of your door

It's Your Money

Use our online calculator to see how much money losing clients costs you…

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Caution: Lawyers Ahead

There is one KEY thing you need to know – restrictive covenants are worth the paper they are written on if you’ve got the right form of covenant. So get your lawyer or Employment Helpline to check out your contracts of employment and restrictive covenants. It is possible to change things if needed, but it’s too late by the time Claire has handed in her notice.

The law is likely to be your last resort but it’s always worth being in a strong legal position if things turn nasty.

Caution: Lawyers Ahead


My Five T’s System©


Don’t forget to follow all the steps and in the right order.

© 2016 Alice Kirby Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing


Team Meeting Checklist

Take control and take an active role by calling a team meeting as soon as possible. Ideally later the same day or next morning.

Always remember…

Emotion is contagious
– Malcom Gladwell


What to cover…

  • Deal with the emotion
  • Book follow up 1:1s
  • Delivering a wow experience:
    • Use name
    • More time needed?
    • Smile
    • Body language
    • Listen to client
    • No gossip
  • What to say
  • Evaluate at risk clients & prioritise
    • High spenders
    • Already booked in
    • New to salon in last 12 months


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A ready-to-use client letter…

Dear [Client Name]

A 50% saving on your next appointment…

I am writing to let you know you that our therapist Claire is no longer with us having moved on to pastures new. We were sorry to say our goodbyes as she was a popular member of our team and we wish her all the best for the future.

As a valued client of [Salon Name] we want to ensure you’re happy and that there is no interruption to the high levels of service and beauty care you receive. So we’d like to offer you a fabulous 50% off your next appointment when you book with one of our other talented and experienced therapists. Call me on [Telephone No.] and I’ll advise you on the very best choice of therapist for you. Or if you’d prefer pop into the salon for a chat with me or one of the team.

If you’d like to take us up on our offer then please call us before [Date] and mention this letter . We look forward to extending you a warm welcome at [Salon Name] soon.

With best wishes

[Your Name] [Salon Name]

P.S. As an extra thank you for your loyalty and support I’d also like to offer you a complimentary [Treatment] worth [Treatment Price] on your next visit.


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Ready-to-go Client Questionnaire

When was the last time you asked your clients what they felt about your hair or beauty salon?

Download our Client Questionnaire. It’s laid out ready to use so you just need to print it  and then start handing out. There’s one for a hair salon and one for a beauty salon.

Download your questionnaire here

If you’d like some tips on getting the most from your Questionnaire then you’ll find plenty here.


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The choice is yours

Whether you prep now for action later is of course your decision.

Just remember that…