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Making new friends with local businesses will give you the edge when it comes to marketing your salon.

And it’s so much easier today. No more working your socks off networking at breakfast meetings before putting in a full day at the salon.

Twitter is perfect for striking up conversations with complete strangers. No need to feel shy. Just getting nattering.

Be careful though. Clog up your followers’ feeds with endless chatter and you’ll find them hitting the Unfollow button.

How to keep your Twitter conversations out of the public domain

The answer is simple. If you start your tweet with the @ symbol, e.g. @growyoursalon, only mutual followers (people who both follow you and @growyoursalon) will see the tweet in their stream.

Want the twitterverse to see your tweet?

However, add a full stop or other character before @growyoursalon and all of your followers will see your tweet in their streams. So ‘.@growyoursalon’ or if you’re being friendly ‘hi@growyoursalon’.

Using the mention sign @ automatically drives the tweet into the @Mentions section of the receiver’s Twitter account (look in Notifications which is top left, next to Home).

Just remember that anyone can still see all your tweets if they visit your Twitter profile. Here every single tweet will be listed unless you sent it as a Direct Message – see below – when it is truly private.

Direct messages – a useful tool for promoting your salon

A Direct Message (known as a DM) is one that is sent privately. It can only be seen by you and the recipient.

There are a couple of things to remember:

  • You can only send a DM to somebody who is following you.
  • You still have to stay within the 140 character limit for DMs.

Use either of these Twitter aids to start a conversation with local like-minded entrepreneurs to Grow Your Salon.

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