Motivate and build your team whilst marketing your salon

Did you know next week is the start of National Apprenticeship Week 2014?

Now in its seventh year, National Apprenticeship Week (3-7 March) is all about profile-raising. It’s a great salon marketing opportunity to build your brand locally and recognise your trainees – they are the future of your salon after all.

Here are a few salon marketing and PR ideas you can use in your business throughout the year, not just in National Apprenticeship Week, to encourage and motivate your trainees whilst spreading the word in your local community.


Get your salon team marketing for you

Send them back to school.

Your current apprentices are the ideal ambassadors for your salon when it comes to local schools. Ask the Careers’ Officer whether they are holding a Recruitment Fair. If not, perhaps you and your team do a brief talk? Then take your team along for a brief presentation on the training benefits and opportunities available at your hair or beauty salon.

Not only will you inspire pupils to apply for apprenticeships but you will probably find some new clients as teachers, pupils and parents will get to hear about your services. It’s a great way to get local people talking about your salon.

You will have to make time to build relationships with your local schools and colleges so they are happy to invite you to promote your salon training. Whilst you’re doing this remind them about any Student Discounts you offer too. Never miss a salon marketing opportunity.


Build your salon team whilst marketing your salon

Don’t just stop here. Follow up by hosting a Recruitment Open Day at your salon.

Give potential trainees and their parents the chance to see your salon, chat with current apprentices and meet your team.

Be open, welcoming and interesting. And remember to wear your sales and marketing hat at all times – you might find a new client or two as well as attracting some sparkling new talent.


Mentor, motivate and build your team by marketing to them

Most people think of marketing as something you do to attract new external customers. But you have internal customers too. Your team.

Invest some time and energy to market to this important internal  audience and your salon will reap the benefits. Internal marketing is inward facing marketing activities aimed at inspiring, motivating and empowering. And it’s just as important as marketing to your external audience.


Internal marketing ideas to inspire and build your team

National Apprenticeship Week is the perfect opportunity to get the ball-rolling on some fun, team building internal marketing activities. Then use these team activities and events to market to your clients – they are ideal fodder for Facebook and your salon website news page.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Shadow and encourage

Try shadowing one of your apprentices for the day. Not only will you have the chance for some mentoring, you’ll discover how well your salon team really deliver customer service and interact with your clients.

2. Team Awards Evening

Many salons I work with have an annual Awards Evening especially for their trainees. It’s a fun, motivating way of celebrating their achievements. Inviting parents, friends and judges is both motivating for your team and another marketing opportunity to raise salon awareness.

3. Develop your team with other salon owners

Try teaming up with a salon owner in another town for an evening of friendly competition with prizes and certificates all round.

Don’t miss out on the marketing angle – remember to let your local media know in advance. And do take plenty of photos for your salon website and Facebook. Use every opportunity to shout about your salon and team.

4. Turn team success into a salon marketing opportunity

Set up a “Salon Hall of Fame” in your team room to showcase and chart team success. Have a notice-board brimming with photos, client comments, graphs and certificates. Above all, make it fun and inspiring.

Having marketed to your internal audience, now create some external marketing activity with the ‘best of the best’ showcased on your salon website, Facebook and even in the local press.

For more team building advice and news on National Apprenticeship Week visit The National Apprenticeship Service website. And do let me know what your salon is doing to celebrate and motivate your newest recruits.

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