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Salon Social That Works

Opening February 2020...

Salon Social That Works

  • Instant access to online course materials specifically created for hair & beauty professionals.
  • Hands-on lessons, audios, ready-to-use templates, worksheets and cheat sheets.
  • Packed with practical examples from the hair & beauty industry.
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Set yourself up for success

Been using social media for some time, but it doesn’t seem to be working for your hair or beauty business?
Want to attract new clients using social but it’s not happening?
Struggling to find time to market and grow your business on Facebook and Instagram?

You’re not alone…

Created especially for the beauty & hair industry

Salon Social That Works is a proven online course created by hair & beauty marketing specialist Alice Kirby, founder of Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing, to help you grow your business by harnessing the power of Facebook and social media.

“Owning a hair or beauty salon is great fun and very rewarding but it can also be hard work and tough at times. I know. I spend most of my days in and out of salons helping owners and managers to market and grow their business.

“Whether you’re a salon owner, a freelancer, just starting out as a hair or beauty entrepreneur or have lost your marketing mojo I show you, one step at a time, how to master the crucial skills you need to market your business on Facebook and grow a successful, profitable and enjoyable business.”

Alice Kirby

Salon Social That Works is for you if:

  • You’re using social media to market your own business – but not seeing the right results.
  • You’re thinking about setting up your own salon, or launching yourself as a freelancer or mobile. You know you need to market yourself but you’re not sure how to best to do this.
  • Your salon or freelance business is struggling and you want to get it back on track.
  • You’re experienced on Facebook and salon social but want to take it ‘up a notch’.
  • You’re so exhausted running your business you’ve not got the time, energy or enthusiasm to spend time on social promoting your business – but would love to do so.
  • You’re the salon manager or social media co-ordinator and want to impress the boss with your social marketing skills, and be a rock star at work.

Then I’m here to help.

Probably the biggest business mistake on social...

Entrepreneurs not understanding that using social media to market your business is totally different from playing around on it for fun personal use. You can’t afford to dabble at it – your livelihood is at stake.

Here’s how the course will work for you:

Salon Social That Works is a practical online course specifically for salon owners and freelance stylists and therapists, created by Alice Kirby, hair & beauty marketing specialist and founder of Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing, and will help you grow your business and find new clients by harnessing the power of Facebook and social media.

There are 6 units with over 50 short easy-to-follow very hands-on lessons. Take the course at a pace that suits you, your business and lifestyle. Over the 6 units Alice will not only teach you the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ but actively encourage you to start ‘doing’ and set you tasks. So by the end of each unit you’ll have actually achieved something concrete for your business.

Above all it’s a practical hands-on course. Salon Social That Works distils my firsthand experience working with hair & beauty clients across the UK and Ireland, and my popular #GrowYourSalon marketing blog to help you achieve success. You will learn in small, incremental steps, with loads of hands-on activities, worksheets and templates to help you implement the ideas, tips and advice in your business.– Alice

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