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Mobile Responsive Salon Website Designers

Mobile responsive example

A responsive website is simply one where the design changes to fit the size of the screen (be it smartphone, tablet or desktop) in an attractive and functional way. It doesn’t just get smaller – the website design actually adjusts itself to give the visitor a better experience.

Why is a mobile friendly salon website design so important?

Many salon owners still regard mobile search traffic as insignificant – something they can afford to think about later. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In 2013, over 40% of time spent online was via a mobile device. And the trend is escalating with more and more people using smartphones and tablets for internet search.

For a salon entrepreneur the message is clear: if you want to be seen online you need a mobile responsive salon website.

  • If it’s not a mobile friendly experience people quickly leave
  • Slow loading times make visitors abandon your website
  • Tiny, unreadable pages deter browsing of your offers, news and price guide

In contrast, a mobile responsive website means more visitors, more clicks, more new salon clients.

Talk to us about making your salon website responsive

If you have a relatively simple and recent website we may be able to modify the design so it responds when viewed on a mobile device. If, however, your website is a few years old you may well need a complete re-design. We can advise you on the best route for your salon or spa.

We’re specialist salon website designers and internet marketing experts working with hair and beauty businesses across the UK and Ireland.


Let’s get started… benefit from our years of hands-on salon website experience and online knowledge. Call +44 (0) 1386 751469 or email and we’ll help you Grow Your Salon.

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