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If you run your own social media it’s crucial to treat it as a professional tool and constantly monitor your Facebook and Twitter pages.


Increasingly, unhappy disgruntled clients are using social media to complain about their salon experience. You need to respond to this negative feedback quickly and positively. Just as you would if they were standing at your reception desk.

Remember: this complaint is being played out very publically on your social media pages and is seen by countless other clients and potential customers. Not to mention your competition. It has far more potential to damage your salon’s reputation and brand.

  • Reply immediately to show you are concerned and care.
  • Start with a sincere apology even if you think the client is wrong.
  • Give them a practical solution to their problem.
  • Finish by thanking them for their useful feedback – no matter how rude they were!

A recent survey* found that of those who received a helpful reply in response to their online complaint:

  • 33% then posted a positive review and became social advocates, whilst
  • 34% deleted their original adverse posting.

So, never leave a moaning post unanswered. Show the world that you will resolve complaints swiftly and constructively. After all; would you try a salon whose Facebook was littered with postings from disgruntled clients who’d been ignored? I wouldn’t.


* The Retail Consumer Report, commissioned by RightNow and conducted online by Harris Interactive in January 2011

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