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Using Facebook for salon recruitment

No other social platform can reach as many people as Facebook so by advertising your vacancy on it you’re much more likely to attract the top local talent.

It’s not difficult to do – just follow our step-by-step below.

Create a Facebook Job post

To create a new Job post, go to your Facebook Page and under the Create section, click Job.

#1. Add a job title for your listing. A dropdown menu will give you suggestions as you type.

#2. Add the location address.

#3. (Optional) Enter a Salary Range.

#3a. You can select whether this is per hour, day, week, month or year.

#4. Select the type of position:

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Internship
  • Volunteer
  • Contract

#5. Enter a job description which will appear when people click on your post.

#6. (Optional) You can also add up to 3 questions to your listing, these can be free-text, yes/no or multiple choice and can allow you to filter your applicants based on their responses.

#7. (Optional) You can attach a photo to your listing, choose to upload a related photo or use your business page cover photo.

#8. (Optional) if you want a copy of applications to be sent to an email address, enter one here.

#9. Click Preview Job to see what your listing will look like before publishing it.

#10. If you wish to set up paid advertising on your listing to increase it’s visibility, click Boost Job. See below for more information on setting this up. If you’d prefer, you can also do this after the post is published

#11. Once you are happy with the information you have entered, click Post Job to publish the job listing. It will then be visible to potential applicants.

Creating a Facebook advert for your new Job post

#12. Add the location you wish to advertise to, this can be the same as the one provided in the job advert, but you can also add additional areas to increase the reach of the post.

#13. Set the number of days you wish the advert to run for.

#13a. Alternatively you can set a specific end date.

#14. Set the total budget for this campaign.

#15. You will now be given an estimation as to how many people your post will reach which is based,

#16. Click Set Budget when you are ready to boost the post.

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