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What’s this season’s must-have accessory for every hair or beauty business?

A mobile responsive website.

In the last 18 months or so, a mobile friendly (or responsive – it’s the same thing) website has become the essential marketing tool for salons and spas.

Why? Because Smartphones are transforming the way we engage and behave.

We love our phones and just can’t seem to put them down. Apparently we reach for our phones on average 9 times a day. Last year over 40% of time spent online was via a mobile device. And this trend is predicted to rocket over the next couple of years.

With so many people now owning and searching on mobile devices salon and spa owners can no longer afford to ignore this online marketing channel.

What exactly is a mobile responsive salon website?

When a website is responsive, the layout automatically changes to fit the device you’re reading it on – whether that be a desktop/laptop screen, tablet/iPad or smartphone.

Mobile responsive example

Why is a mobile friendly website design so important?

Mobile responsive means more visitors, more clicks, more new salon clients.

Look at a competitor’s website on your smartphone now. What do you see?

If it isn’t a mobile friendly salon website then everything will appear tiny and unreadable.

Frustrating isn’t it?

Try seeing what they charge for a cut and finish or a manicure. It’s almost impossible. You’ll soon get frustrated and leave their website.

In contrast, a mobile responsive salon website is built from the ground up to adapt its layout to the device you’re viewing it on. So now when you look for that price guide on your phone – bingo! You find it and read it.

On a mobile responsive website the layout re-configures and adapts to the smaller screen making it easy to navigate around and find salon opening hours, location and special offers.

It’s all about user experience and convenience.

Warning: Don’t miss out on new salon clients

With such a huge and growing percentage of internet searches being done via mobile devices you can’t afford to close your eyes to this technology. It’s not a nice-to-have salon marketing luxury. It’s an essential.

Think about it.

If potential hair and beauty clients can’t view your website on their phone they will just move on to the next salon in the Google search list – your competitor. Then browse their website and call them (not you) to book that first appointment.

Google rewards mobile friendly websites

Google wants to dish up the best and most appropriate results to a search query. So why would it bother to send you to a site it knows you cannot read on a mobile device?

It wouldn’t.

Increasingly Google is rewarding mobile responsive websites by ranking them higher than non-responsive sites. And ranking well in Google is critical to being found by potential new clients.

Whether you like it or not the future is mobile.

Email marketing needs to be responsive too

Mobile responsive doesn’t start and end with your salon or spa website.

Your e-newsletters need to be mobile friendly too. I checked our own stats – well over half of our email subscribers read my salon marketing e-newsletter on a mobile device. If they can’t read it easily and quickly then they just won’t bother. It’s as simple as that.

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