In Part 1 of How to write a Salon Marketing Plan I suggested you take a two-pronged approach.

First, evaluate what your salon or spa accomplished last year and decide what you want to achieve in the next 12 months (Part 1).

Then plan out the nitty-gritty actions and events to reach your business goals (Part 2).

“Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal” – Unknown

Avoid this common mistake when promoting your salon

A frequent marketing error made by salon entrepreneurs is to focus on just one communication channel. Social media is often the only promotional route salons take.

But, deliver your marketing message using a variety of channels (such as your website, in-salon materials, advertising, PR, local partners and social media) and you’ll increase the likelihood of reaching your target audience.

It just makes sense.

Not everyone reads the local papers, is on Facebook or reads your e-news. But use a combination of these salon marketing ‘tools’ and you dramatically improve your chances of being seen.

A word of caution. Beware of the opposite extreme with a scattergun approach to marketing your salon.

The knack is to decide on the best mix of marketing channels to deliver your promotional message on your limited resources. Developing this is the crux of Part 2 of your Salon or Spa Marketing Plan.

Step 1: A plan to make it happen

You’ve decided, using Part 1 of this guide:

  • what you want to achieve
  • set goals
  • fixed on your target audience and
  • your salon marketing messages.

So now you’re looking at the day-to-day implementation.

Step 2: Your salon marketing plan monthly calendar

I find a simple chart for the year is the easiest way to get planning.

To save you time and effort I’ve put one together for you with events for the year on it plus the marketing channel options for each one.

It’s all ready to print off and start filling in. So no excuses…

Download your Salon Marketing Calendar here...

*Don't worry, we never share your details with any third party.

Step 3: How your salon marketing calendar works

I’ve focused on the main events throughout the year such as Valentines, Easter, going back to school etc because I feel they are the best place to start.

If you do nothing else but market around these events you’ll do well.

However, you’ll see I’ve left space each month for you to add your own salon’s events in. You may have an anniversary coming up this year. Or perhaps you’re having a big charity event or PR opportunity.

Just pop your event in and get planning which mix of marketing tools you’re going to use.

Step 4: Make your marketing plan your own

It’s not just about events. Think about client loyalty, boosting retention and increasing the average salon spend per visit. All of this can be added to your Salon Marketing Calendar.

Step 5: Be practical when creating your salon marketing plan

It’s easy to get carried away and put in oodles of marketing activities for the coming months.

Please don’t.

Remember you considered budget and resources carefully in Part 1 when you were assessing the bigger picture. Keep this in mind.

If you attempt too much the chances are you won’t get it done or the quality will suffer.

Think about the budget you set and how best to allocate it. Think too about the people resources available to you. It’s no good creating a fantastic Calendar of Salon Marketing events if you know you’re going to be short-staffed due to maternity leave.

If you get too ambitious and your marketing plan gets left by the wayside after a month or two it’s very de-motivating for you and your team. So stay realistic. Feet firmly on the ground.

Step 6: Make a public declaration

Like going on a diet or giving up smoking it always helps the will power if you go public. Sharing your marketing plan with your team and partner is a great way to help you stay the course.

It’s quite easy. Just pin it on the wall. By the kettle perhaps?

Just make sure you and your team see it numbers of time each day. And you’ll be more likely to stick with it.

Step 7: Keep your salon marketing plan on course

You run a salon business. You have many conflicting calls on your time. Of course you do.

The hardest thing is making (not just finding) time to spend marketing your salon. For regular ideas and tips to help you stay the course get my salon marketing and business blog delivered straight to your inbox.

And if you haven’t already downloaded your copy of my ‘ready to go’ Salon Marketing Calendar you can do so here…

Download your Salon Marketing Calendar here...

*Don't worry, we never share your details with any third party.