Be A Salon Marketing Guru In 20 Minutes A Day

Be a salon marketing guru in 20 minutes a day

Have you got 20 minutes before your client arrives or your next meeting starts? Or perhaps it’s lunchtime and you’re grabbing a quick bite?


Then try doing just one of these 75 short sharp marketing activities and get ahead of the game.

They may look like small fry. But get into the habit of doing one of these easy little marketing jobs every time you have a brief pause in your schedule and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a salon marketing guru.

Having a list of quick-fire marketing ideas to hand means you’re not having to think about what you should be doing to market your salon. Just take an idea, pick up the phone and do it. 20 minutes later marketing mission accomplished.

Pin this list to your office wall or pop it on your phone for reference. Start at the top and work your way through or pick off the ones that appeal most. It really doesn’t matter.

75 speedy salon marketing guru ideas:

  1. Phone and book yourself in for a mystery shop at a top notch salon.
  2. Ask two clients for testimonials to use on your salon website and marketing materials.
  3. Have a nose at a competitor’s salon website and pinch some ideas.
  4. Arrange a bouquet of flowers or some yummy chocs for a top 10 salon client as a lovely surprise.
  5. Try this telephone technique yourself on a potential new client.
  6. Compose a ‘stylist/therapist is leaving letter’ template so it’s ready to use immediately if needed. No, it’s not tempting fate!
  7. Subscribe to our salon marketing blog e-news and never miss a post – it’s free.
  8. Order some business cards for yourself as salon owner/manager. They’re still an invaluable salon marketing tool.
  9. Hand write a thank you note to a big-spending salon client and show you care.
  10. Look at your salon marketing materials – do they match your salon brand? Need an update?
  11. Enter 20 customer or prospect names into your salon database.
  12. Call your local newspaper and ask who the feature editor is for hair and beauty.
  13. Carry out spot check on your salon’s cleanliness with fresh eyes.
  14. Post a News page or new blog post on your salon website.
  15. Check your price guide is up to date on your website. And check your offers whilst you’re there.
  16. Pre-schedule 6 posts on your salon Facebook. Stuck for ideas? Try these.
  17. Join in #hairhour on Twitter Wednesdays between 8-9pm. You’ll meet lots of new friends.
  18. Check if your salon website is mobile friendly by looking on your smartphone or tablet.
  19. Call a local business you’d like to start building a relationship with. Arrange to meet for a coffee.
  20. Pop across the road and check out your salon’s kerb appeal.
  21. Update your salon playlist.
  22. Sign-up to Hootsuite if you’re on Twitter – it’s free.
  23. Discreetly follow a client’s journey around your salon – you’ll be surprised what you learn.
  24. Sit and listen to your salon noise levels. Are they causing a problem?
  25. Do a mini local pricing comparison survey and check out your hairdressing or beauty prices.
  26. Schedule in a team training session on client care and sketch out some ideas.
  27. Check your main salon Key Performance Indicators.
  28. Decide on your annual salon marketing and PR budget.
  29. Network on Facebook with 5 local businesses and influencers.
  30. Phone 2 salons and assess how they answer the call. Now call your salon and compare.
  31. Email a local journalist with an invite for a complimentary visit to your hair or beauty salon.
  32. Set up Google Alerts on your two strongest competitors.
  33. Follow 10 local businesses on Twitter who might be useful to network with.
  34. Google ‘hair [beauty] salon and name of your town/location’ and see where you rank.
  35. Order some new A-board graphics to ring the changes.
  36. Observe your team’s body language.
  37. Decide how you could profitably offer a simpler/cheaper/smaller version of an existing service – a blow dry bar or express facial perhaps.
  38. Review your marketing procedures for dealing with online complaints.
  39. Source some new biscuits or mini cupcakes to serve to salon clients.
  40. Change your passwords on your social media, till software and online accounts. And not to PASSWORD or 1234.
  41. Ask a client to post an online review of your salon.
  42. Update your salon answer-phone message to include your opening and current special offers.
  43. Start a Twitter list of local salon competitors you’d like to keep an eye on.
  44. Call your product supplier and ask for free giveaways, samples or prizes.
  45. Dust off your Salon Marketing Plan or read our ‘How To Guide’ if you don’t have one.
  46. Ask your salon marketing agency to create a salon advert so you’re ready to go if a great value last minute advertising opportunity appears.
  47. Look over the last year’s financial reports and identify your best sales months (and your worst).
  48. Check your salon website stats.
  49. Research a new product or service and book a meeting with their sales rep.
  50. Find two great tweets on Twitter to retweet.
  51. Find out when your local schools’ career evenings are and book your business in. Places are usually limited.
  52. Do one-to-one training with a salon team member on asking for referrals.
  53. Update your LinkedIn profile.
  54. Review your local newspapers and magazines for possible PR opportunities.
  55. Ensure you’re visible -is your phone number high up your website page, on every page and easy to find?
  56. Remove any old posters and stickers from around your salon. Order new posters and wall graphics.
  57. Calculate how much money your receptionist could be losing you.
  58. Put together a Bridal Package of hair and beauty services.
  59. Read a local blog post thoroughly and then leave an engaging comment.
  60. Place a basket of small tempting products such as lipsticks or mini hair spray on reception for impulse buys.
  61. Update your Facebook profile. When was the last time you read it? Really?
  62. Spend 20 minutes planning an eye-catching new window.
  63. Check if your salon Gift Card needs a refresh. Consider both the printed card and your salon website page.
  64. Analyse your Facebook Insights and see how many people you’re Reaching and how many Engage.
  65. Identify a core event for each month to focus your salon marketing around – New Year New You, Valentine’s, Easter etc.
  66. Book a trip to a hair or beauty trade show.
  67. Get your hair or beauty salon marketing started on Pinterest.
  68. Set up a monthly prize for the team member selling the most salon retail.
  69. Identify the top 10% of your clients by spend. Now decide how to reward and keep them.
  70. Buy some inexpensive umbrellas online to offer clients when it’s pouring and theirs is in the car.
  71. Promote your wedding packages and service on social media – today.
  72. Get in touch with a local school about apprentice opportunities at your salon.
  73. Remind yourself about local events such as wedding fairs, festivals and local events that could be marketing opportunities to promote your hair or beauty services.
  74. Draft the outline for a salon press release.
  75. ‘Discover’ those salon Recommend a Friend cards lying forgotten under your reception desk and use them.


Salon marketing gurus delegate

Many of these salon marketing jobs will take less than 20 minutes and most can be delegated. So no excuses – if you’re too busy get delegating.