Why Is My Salon Facebook Suddenly Losing Lots Of Likes?

Why is my salon Facebook suddenly losing lots of Likes?

Take a quick look at the number of Likes on your salon or spa Facebook.

Has it recently decreased? Yes?

Yikes. What is going on?

Let me reassure you. It’s not peculiar to your hair or beauty business. It’s happening to every Facebook account.

And it’s Facebook removing them.


Why is Facebook removing Likes from my salon business Page?

In early March 2015 Facebook announced, “We’re updating the way Page likes are counted by removing deactivated accounts from Pages’ like counts”.

In other words, to keep its data consistent and up to date Facebook is now cleaning up (removing) all the deactivated accounts.

If a deactivated account has previously liked your salon Page then you’ll lose this Like, and your Like count will reduce accordingly.


When will my spa or salon be affected?

Facebook announced they would be doing this “over the coming weeks”. Yet this blitz seemed to get underway pretty quickly. We saw many of our salon and spa client Pages being ‘visited’ by Facebook within days of the announcement.


How does this Facebook announcement affect my hair or beauty business?

You are likely to see a drop in Likes. It’s impossible to say how many as it varies from salon to salon.

If you bought a load of dirt cheap Likes in the past to boost your Like numbers then you’ll probably see more of a drop than a solid high quality Page which grew its Likes more carefully.


Will this dip in Likes harm your salon or spa?

No it shouldn’t hurt your business. Only deactiviated Facebook accounts are being removed.

However, if you hanker for Likes to satisfy your vanity then yes, your ego will be dented. But your wallet should not. Being inactive these people were never going to find your salon via your Facebook Page so you’re no worse off.


Change your Facebook salon marketing focus

This latest Facebook change highlights the importance of the ‘quality’ of your Likes over sheer ‘quantity’. As a hair or beauty business owner spending valuable salon marketing time and money chasing Likes is not the best use of precious resources.

As I’ve said before, what is the point of chasing Likes from people living in Oxford if your hair or beauty business is in Liverpool? They are never going to walk into your Liverpool salon or pick up the phone to book when they live hundreds of miles away.

Instead you want Likes from people in the Oxford area. Potential new clients who might one day be looking to change salon and if you’ve done your online marketing well will think of your salon as their first port of call.

And the second lesson to take from this announcement is to change your social media marketing goal from “increasing Likes” to “collecting email addresses”. It’s too big a topic for this blog post, but you’ll find all the tips and advice you need in this article. It’s well-worth a read if you’re serious about growing your salon. #GrowYourSalon