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Which sounds more tempting to you? ‘GET £10 off your beauty treatment’ or ‘SAVE £10 on your beauty treatment’.

It’s not a trick question.

The end cost is exactly the same.

But psychologists have shown that we respond differently to each word. Some people are more likely to buy when faced with ‘get’ while others are more persuaded when they see ‘save’.

Why does this matter?

Because which wording you choose when writing your latest hair or beauty offer will impact on your results. And your profits.


Words are a powerful salon marketing tool

Here’s why:

We are programmed to seek out pleasure and avoid pain. But some people are more focused on achieving a gain (pleasure) while others take a more cautious approach and look at how to avoid pain.

A sales promotion that is worded ‘Get £10 off’ puts the focus on what you gain and appeals more to the pleasure seekers.

In contrast, with ‘Save £10′, the emphasis is on avoiding a loss (pain) and is more likely to appeal to people with a prevention-focus who like to feel safe and secure.


Which is best for hair or beauty promotions?

Your salon or clinic clients are a mixture of those focused on the benefits and rewards (Get £10 off) and those looking for safety and security (Save £10). So perhaps try using one phrase in the promotion’s headline and the other wording in the body text.

Magic marketing words to boost your salon promotions

And here are 3 more words to motivate clients to spend with you…

  • Guaranteed: Clients understand they have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.
  • Safe and effective: Minimise any concerns and build trust – especially important with aesthetic treatments or when introducing new salon services.
  • Free: Everyone loves free. ‘Complimentary’ works just as well in our industry.


Interested to learn more? My in-depth blog looks at how to offer deals and discounts for salons and aesthetic businesses without damaging your business.

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