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Do you make use of the free marketing tools out there to promote your salon or spa on social media.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of online social tools out there.


My 3 personal salon social media favourites which are:

  • Straightforward to use
  • Have very acceptable free versions
  • Will improve your effectiveness on social media
  • And save you valuable salon marketing time.


1. Hootsuite to schedule your salon social media

I use this all the time.

I admit I’ve upgraded to the Pro version but that’s because salon marketing is what I do for a living. For most hair and beauty businesses the freebie version is probably all you need.

Hootsuite allows you to schedule your salon or spa’s social media messages ahead of time. I find this feature particularly useful for Twitter. For Facebook I prefer to use the post scheduling function within Facebook. But it’s a personal thing.

You can manage up to 3 of your social profiles from a single dashboard. Post, tweet, share, and comment without leaving Hootsuite. Plus it has some basic marketing reports and a handy URL shortener.

15-20 minutes on Hootsuite in the morning and you’re done. Just keep an eye on your salon’s social notifications a couple of times over the day, and reply. Other than that, social media doesn’t have to take over your business life and you can focus on other salon marketing activities.

You can register your hair or beauty business on Hootsuite for free, and get started immediately, here.


2. Keyhole finds local salon connections on social

If you want to look at who’s using a hashtag, where and when then Keyhole is a neat social tool.

It’s a free service which gives you almost instant information on any hashtag. Yes, you can search for hashtags on the social platforms themselves. But Keyhole gives you more information on influencers and usage, and in one place, which makes for better #salonmarketing decisions.

Wondering how Keyhole can help market your salon?

I use it for searching for local business partners and influencers for my spa and salon clients. For example, search #Brighton on Keyhole and it’ll show you the most influential people using #Brighton, recent users of the hashtag and some helpful demographic statistics.

There are more ideas in this blog about using hashtags to market your salon or spa business online.

The basic real-time search data is a free service. Find it here.


3. Buffer now schedules for Pinterest

Similar to Hootsuite in that it allows you to schedule your salon social media content in advance freeing your time for other marketing activity.

With Buffer free accounts are limited to a single set of social media accounts. If you’re a Pinterest addict then Buffer has recently added Pinterest to the suite of social media platforms it supports.

Like Hootsuite, it too shortens your links and tracks engagement so you can see how many people clicked.

Find it here.


Free marketing help where you need it

Still hesitating? Give one a go. See if it works for you.

After all, they’re free.

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