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Here are four key reasons why your salon website is so important to your business in these days of social marketing.


Get your salon found

You’re new to the town and want to find a new hairdressers or beauty salon. Why do you look? Google of course. It has the best search  facilities by far. Type in ‘beauty salon Pershore’ and hey presto there you are listed.

Facebook’s search facility is very poor by comparison. Facebook pages are starting to come up on Google searches, but it is not the in your face advert that Google Places gives.

The point: if you want to attract new clients then a salon website is a must.


Control your salon marketing

Facebook totally dictates the rules for its site. It can and does (remember the recent Timeline introduction in March?) change these rules at the drop of a hat. You have no say and no control.

In contrast your salon website is your own private kingdom to do with as you please, and when you please.


Stand out from the crowd

Facebook allows a very limited amount of customisation to your Page. Hence all Facebook Timelines look very alike. You can’t change the cover photo size or shape – it’s pre-set by Facebook. You just have to go with it.

Compare this to your beautifully branded salon website design where the choice of look and feel is yours, and yours alone. You decide how your salon stands out from the crowd.


Salon Business

Of course you want a Facebook Business Page for your salon. I’m not suggesting for one moment that you should forsake Facebook. But first impressions count. If you want to look professional and credible you need to invest in your salon website.  Headmasters, with 41 hair salons across the country, have a very active Facebook but they haven’t scrapped their website. Far from it; they have recently re-vamped their award winning website and invest considerable time and money in keeping it up to date.

So enjoy being social – it most certainly has a big place but lavish some TLC on your salon website too.

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