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For the next 60 days we’re busy tweeting here supporting #cocosflipflop challenge. So I hope these ‘Tweet Tips’ come in handy to our fundraising flip flop wearers and of course for those of you wanting to make better use of Twitter to market your salon.

If you fancy getting involved with #cocosflipflop or just want to find out more about how many salons are helping children in South Africa with Coco’s Foundation take a look at the box below.

5 salon marketing tips for Twitter

Twitter profile image

Basic I know. But you do still see a lot of Twitter’s standard egghead pictures around. They really doesn’t tend to encourage people to follow you. So do upload a profile picture for your salon. Remember it doesn’t have to be a picture of you if you’re shy – a salon shot or your salon logo will do nicely.

Twitter Direct Messages

Adjust your Twitter settings so you receive an email when someone sends you a direct message (DM). DMs are often just automated responses when you follow someone. However, if someone asks you a genuine question via DM about your salon you want to get back to them asap. Having an email of the DM pop up in your Inbox means you’re more likely to see ii and respond quickly.

This is particularly true if you’ve tweeted out a time limited salon offer such as ‘only 3 available today’. Your followers/clients may well want more information and will be looking for their DM to be answered by return.

Choose your Twitter words carefully

Twitter is no different from any other online salon marketing – you need to use your keywords to help push your business up the Google page rankings. For salons these keywords include (amongst others):

  • Twitter keywords for hairdressers: hair salon, hairdressers, your town name, hair offers
  • Twitter keywords for beauty salons: beauty salon, beauty services, beauty offers, your town name

Craft your tweets carefully and incorporate keywords where they are appropriate. Your tweet must appeal to your human audience first and foremost.

Should my salon use hashtags?

A Twitter hashtag is simply a keyword phrase, without spaces, with the # in front of it. #salonmarketing is a good example of a hashtag.

So what exactly does a Twitter hashtag do? And why should your salon use them?

A hashtag links all Twitter users (who are not otherwise connected) who are talking about the same topic. It coordinates all the Twitter streams and pulls them into one easy list.

So pop #cocosflipflop into the Twitter search box and you’ll immediately see a list of all the tweets which have this hashtag in them. It’s a really quick and easy way to follow what everyone is doing even if you’re not following them.

Be interesting and helpful if you want more followers

Avoid just tweeting about what is happening in your salon. This can become a little tedious to followers and make them reach for that unfollow button. Instead, try including useful information and links, for example, seasonal hair and beauty care tips or hair styling ideas (link back to your Facebook or website for more online oomph!).

Share links to useful content, promote other Twitter users and engage with followers. You should aim to be promoting your salon no more than 20% of the time.

Above all give people a reason to follow you.

Why not give #cocosflipflop a search and see what we’re all up to – thanks!


#cocosflipflop challenge is being organised by Coco’s Foundation, a registered charity set up by a chain of hair salons in the south-east of England. 10 pairs of flip flops set out on their journey in mid-August. Their travels are being tweeted throughout the day and every single penny raised is going to help build 10 houses for homeless children in South Africa. For the latest tweets pop #cocosflipflop into Twitter’s search. Then get tweeting using the tips above!

Want to join in or help?

DM @cocosfoundation or email Chris Connors on

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