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Are you tweeting for the sake of tweeting?

It’s too easy to fool yourself that you’re marketing your spa or salon by spending ages being sucked into Twitter and all the other social networks. Please don’t misunderstand me – I’m a great fan of Twitter for hair and beauty businesses – you can follow me @growyoursalon for more spa and salon marketing ideas.

Twitter marketing strategy

However, tweeting can be a huge time waster if you haven’t got a Twitter marketing strategy. By ‘strategy’ I simply mean you should take some time to decide why your business is on Twitter and what exactly you want to get out of it. Set some goals and then measure the results. Exactly as you would with any other marketing activity.

So what marketing strategy could you adopt for Twitter?

I think Twitter’s a great tool for developing spa/salon business contacts. It’s an easy way to network with like-minded local businesses you can then partner with on marketing promotions and events.

It’s much less daunting than picking up the phone and cold calling. And less time consuming than attending endless business breakfasts or other networking events. Don’t ignore these totally though. Good spa marketing is about using all the different marketing channels in tandem – website, social media, PR, printed literature, email marketing and advertising.

Here are 5 ways to get more out of Twitter:

  • It’s not all about you. The majority of your tweets should share useful local content. Too much shouting about your spa or salon will lead to bored Followers clicking the ‘unfollow’ button. You also begin to sound desperate.
  • Put your spa/salon website address on your Twitter profile. You’d be surprised how many hair and beauty businesses overlook this. Regularly link tweets back to your spa website to encourage your Followers to visit it. If you’ve a spa offer then mention it in your tweet and put a link to the offer page. Not only does this give your followers chance to look around your spa website, it also means they see the full offer and any terms and conditions.
  • Never bad-mouth your local competition or indeed any local business on Twitter. If you’ve a moan, don’t tell the Twitterverse about it otherwise local businesses will become wary of you.
  • Avoid CAPITALS, lots of !!!! and poor spelling. Slovenly presentation does not create the right first impression with companies you want to link up with for marketing and PR. This is your spa brand – protect it and build it.
  • Respond to tweets and direct messages. It is social media after all. Start up dialogues with the businesses in town you want to get to know. Retweet them. Mention them in your tweets. It could be anything from a new restaurant, a sporting event or a local charity. It’s all about networking and getting your name out and about in your neighbourhood.

Social media is not free – your time, and that of your team, costs money. So please don’t feel you need to tweet for the sake of it.

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